6 Things You Absolutely Need To Survive A Grey's Premiere


With the midseason premiere just days away... how prepared are you really for the new whirlwind of emotions Shonda is about to send us down!?!?

1. Manage your expectations


When it comes to surviving Grey's managing your expectations is everything. Every time a premiere rolls around I get all kinds of excited that Grey's is back, because DUH. And every time I think 'this time will be different' and then 30 minutes later I'm in a puddle on the floor sobbing uncontrollably muttering things I wish I could say to Shonda to myself while mindlessly eating pizza and guzzling wine in an attempt to calm down. Don't be like me... be better. KNOW you will be emotionally tortured for an hour and get prepared.

2. Tissues


Because well duh. You will cry. We don't know whether it will be Alex going to jail, some crazy drama with Jo's ex husband, or if someone is just going to die completely out of the blue. What we do know is it wouldn't be a Grey's premiere without a whole lot of drama, emotion, and tears. So ENJOY.

3. Wine/ Tequila


The drink is your choice, but trust us, you don't want to be stone-cold sober for this. You just don't. Numb the pain, my friend, numb the pain.

4. Pizza


So maybe booze isn't your thing. Fret not, stuffing your face with pizza should have a similar effect! And if you really want to be extra prepared, we recommend the wine/tequila/pizza combo for maximum shonda-preparedness.

5. A Pillow


For screaming into so you don't wake the neighbors and get evicted when Shonda does that thing - whatever it is this time - that makes you scream WHY SHONDA WHY!?!

6. A Friend


To hold you as you sob uncontrollably and make sure you don't choke on your pizza. Cause that's what friends are for.

Good luck friends, happy watching!

May Shonda be ever in your favor!

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