13 Tweets From Last Night's Grey's Anatomy That Perfectly Sum Up Every True Fan's Feelings


This episode hit the internet (and us) right in the feels. Hard.

In complete honesty the second half of this season has been... a little slow. UNTIL TONIGHT. Japril is back and the internet (and us) is loosing it's collective shit. With perfectly good reason.

1.) All. The. Feels. All. At. Once.

2.) TBH impressed they lasted 5 full minutes.

3.) Right THOUGH!?

4.) Because of course Avery family bonding couldn't include anything else.

5.) Our love for Jesse Williams has never been realer.

6.) But actually, let's just all admit that Jackson > everything.

7.) Slay Jackson Slay.



10.) Live footage of my reaction to the return of Japril

11.) But for real they just deserve to be happy!

12.) This fascinating theory.

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