12 Reasons Moms Are Super Heros Among Us


It's national superhero day but instead of celebrating the supernatural we should be celebrating the super-women in our every day lives!

The world has seen some pretty bad ass female super heroes: Cat Woman, Super Girl, Super Woman, Bat Woman, The Wasp, and Hermione Granger, but what about the superheroes in all of our lives? These women might be fantastic but our moms are straight up legendary.

1. Moms always take care of you.


When you're sick, when you're moody, when you did something wrong, or when you're just being a brat, your mom always has your back. Even at 2am when she hasn't slept in weeks her ability to keep going to comfort you is a genuine super-power.

2. Her ability to embarrass you is basically a super-power in itself


Talking to strangers in the grocery store about the items in their cart is uncalled for, always, and yet somehow, seems perfectly normal to her.

3. But then again so is her ability to love you after you've done something awful


When you've done something truly awful, even to her, she still loves you no matter what.

4. She morphs into the most vicious of bad-asses to protect her younguns.


I'd face Voldemort over Molly Weasley ANY day.

5. She can always tell you the truth, even if it's awkward.


Her ability to overcome all things uncomfortable to make a point, and continue making that point until you're basically dead is downright impressive.

6. Her. Driving.


You might criticise your mom's driving, but can you drive around for hours while changing the radio station, eating lunch, giving thoughtful advice, and stopping the toddlers in the back from hitting eachother all while holding a melting ice cream cone without an accident? No.

7. When she cheers for you her voice is basically super-sonic


Her ability to be heard over 100 other screaming people is a gift.

8. Patience.


She has dealt with your crying, bodily fluids, angst, and general nonsensical BS every minute since you were born.

9. She is a supreme overlord of planning

The Odyssey Online

Every vacation, every summer camp, every school trip. Actually, every everything in your life until you turned 18 (and most likely several years thereafter) your mom planned for you.

10. The simple fact that she survived your teenage years makes her invincible


You were the worst, we all were, but our moms loved us anyways.

11. She might not always answer the phone, but she always does when you need her.


She must have some kind of magical 6th sense that tells her when she absolutely needs to answer her phone and when it's ok to leave it at home.

12. This is the hardest to admit, but she really is *always* right.


And as much as this irked you as a teen, you now know that she really always was right. Damn it.

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