10 Times The Twisted Sisters Made You Believe In Friendship


"She's my person."

Meredith and Christina are perhaps one of the most iconic female duos of our generation. They are over-dramatic and perfectly flawed. These moments made us glad for the 'persons' in our lives!

When Cristina declared Meredith was her person


In the most casual, whatever, sarcastic, and classic-Christina way, Christina announced to Meredith that she had listed her as her emergency contact and first called her 'her person.'

When Meredith cut Cristina out of her wedding dress


In hysterics after being left at the alter, Christina returned to her apartment to find that Burke had completely moved out and began hyper-ventilating. Meredith literally cut Christina out of her corset to help her let out all the hurt, and just held her, without saying a word.

When Cristina declared that Mer is the damn sun!


Reminding her person to always lover herself as much as she loves Derek.

When Cristina had no time for Meredith's pity party


Christina had no time for Mcdreamy's BS.

The sleepovers


Sometimes you just need to cuddle your best friend, and if her husband is already there? Too bad for him.

When they got drunk at the baseball game


They were having too much fun with each other to even care about the game.

When Cristina promised to take care of Mer's kids


She then of course agreed to make sure Zola and 'the fetus' would be taken care of if something were to happen to Meredith and Derek.

When they revel in their joint dark-and-twisty-ness


Only the twisted sisters understand the actuality of being dark and stormy.

When Cristina made Meredith her partner in crime


If you would call someone if you killed someone, that's how you know they're your person.

This, definitely this.


Cristina's wonderful awkwardness is all of us though.

Every time they danced.


Every. Single. Time.

Every freaking time the term 'my person' was used, ever.


They just need each other!

And this is why Meredith and Cristina are the real Grey's love story


BRB, sobbing uncontrollably.

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