10 Times Owen Was The Actual Best


We all know Derek is McDreamy.. but let's be real Owen is actually the dreamiest.

1. When he knocks out an abusive patient

And then fixes his tie.

2. When he totally took control

Wonder what you're doing in that on call room huh?

3. When he was on a mission to save lives

McDreamy may always say 'it's a beautiful day to save lives,' Owen actually DOES it.

4. When he was basically James Bond in a tux

And when you remember Kevin McKid is actually Scottish it's even Bond-ier.

5. When he protected Callie like the badass army man he is

Owen had no time for these reporters' BS.

6. This time he was wonderfully surprised.

And it was a gift to us all

7. And this time he was also surprised...

Oh hey guys.

8. Every time he expressed how much he loved Christina

Who is arguably the most difficult person to love.

9. When he loved her enough to let her go.

My heart is still broken from this.

10. The confidence all the dang time.

So yeah. Owen is the best.

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