10 Times Alex Was Actually The Best


McDreamy and McSteamy get a lot of attention, for good reason! But Alex is the real star of the show!

1. When he was a friend to Mer even though he was in the shower

2. When he took care of Izzy while she was sick

3. When he was there for Mer when she needed tequila most


And then Izzy lost her mind when all he was trying to do was love her!

5. Absolutely everything about this tender moment

6. When he fell in love with Jo in one moment

7. Which he promptly ruined

He made up for it though!

8. When he was there to help deliver Ellis after Derek died

And we all had every feeling all at once.

9. This moment we all realized evil spawn had a soul

And promptly fell madly in love with him

10. When he was too cool for his own dang good


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