10 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Texas Girl As Told By Grey's


Mer might not be able to handle the heat, but she sure gets us.

Cause everything is bigger, and better, in Texas.

1. When you see a souped up truck that costs more than a lambo

via Disney–ABC Domestic Television


2. When there actually isn't a huge line at your favorite BBQ place


It's such a rare occurrence you literally have to drop everything you're doing and run.

3. When the state fair FINALLY starts again


How can you not dance when there's funnel cake involved?

4. Watching the Houston Rodeo like...


That must hurt.. and I can't look away.

5. When a non-texan comments on your lone star gear


Sorry your state doesn't have cool swag.

6. When someone asks if you want to go to Whataburger


Is the answer ever no?

7. When someone says its only going to be X degrees out


But did you check the heat index?

8. Trying to explain the difference between Austin and the rest of Texas


Google it.

9. When the cowboys are playing

via ABC

Love 'em or hate 'em, it's still fun to watch 'em play.

10. When you tell people Friday Night Lights is kinda real


We love football, get over it.

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