10 Things Only Cheerleaders Will Understand


Hate us 'cause we're beautiful but we don't like you either!

Cheerleading is not all pompoms and curls. It is hard work, and sometimes, the struggle can get pretty real.

10. That feeling when you have to take your sweats off at Half Time


It's a 2 minute routine, and you are frozen solid by the end of it.

9. You could literally do your routine in your sleep.


She might not be able to, but you sure can.

8. Competitions


Waiting around for 4 hours to perform for 3 minutes. You've gotta do something to pass the time.

7. Conditioning Day


When your body decides it just cannot jump anymore.

6. Learning new stunts

The Odyssey Online

Every flyer knows the pain of this.

5. When there's drama in the squad


Like any sport team, a cheer squad spends A LOT of time together on and off the matts. So when drama goes down it's safe to say everyone knows about it in about 2 minutes flat.

4. When you're halfway through the routine and your skirt is at your neck.


Between the toe-touches and the tumbling that shit just never stays down. Ain't nobody got time to keep re-adjusting

3. That feeling when you nail a difficult stunt


Gold. Pure gold.

2. When someone says they want to borrow your uniform.


Would you ever say that to a field hockey player? No. It's a uniform, not a prom dress.

1. "Cheerleading Isn't A Sport."


I will hurt you. I have broken bones that beg to differ.

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