10 Reasons Mark Sloan Was The Actual Best


Mark Sloan was the definition of all things sexy. Or should I say, steamy.

Mark Sloan was the embodiment of flawed male perfection. For starters he was gorgeous, duh, but he was also brilliant, self-deprecating, insecure, and desperate for love just like the rest of us!

We feel you, Lexie. We feel you.

1. He's in touch with his feelings

2. He's a fantastic Dad

3. He's smooth

4. He's honest about how he feels

5. He's a jokester

6. He's freaking McSteamy!!

7. He's not afraid to be vulnerable

8. He's playful

9. He's supportive

10. He's a poet

Us too Callie, us to. Shonda is a cruel woman.

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