10 Reasons I Still Watch Grey's Anatomy


It is exceptional TV, enough with the shade.

Us, the true grey's fans, receive a solid amount of ridicule - or at least surprise, when we say we still watch Grey's. And while I understand it's been a long 10 years, and that grey's is not for the faint of heart; I. just. cant. stop. We get that you (person who stopped after the plane crash) were "over it," but I most certainly am not.

1. I'm attached.


Rule number 1 of watching Grey's: do not get attached. Welp, too late, I'm attached. Over the last decade, I have watched these characters grow and develop into better more competent doctors and people. In many (irrational) ways, I feel as though I have contributed to that success, and now I'm too invested to turn back.

2. I still have unanswered questions.


Shonda has done an incredible job of creating a mystery out of a show that catalogues every-day life. If I were to stop now I would never know if Callie moves back from New York, if Alex and Jo ever just figure their dang shit out, or what kind of shampoo DeLuca uses (have you seen that dudes hair?! I'd kill for his conditioner).

3. Mer is a mess and I need to know if she's ok.


Meredith has lived a long, hard, dark, and twisty life. She deserves to be a mess. That being said, I am so emotionally attached to her I need to continue to watch grey's in order to check up on her and make sure she's doing OK. Because thats what friends do!

4. What if someone comes back!?


Over here patiently waiting until Shonda brings Cristina's snark back into my life.

5. Jackson Avery's eyes.


Nuff said.

6. I'm in love with Alex Karev.


Alex is the perfect mix of all the things you're supposed to look for in a partner, and all the things you're absolutely not supposed to look for, wrapped into one fine-as-hell-bad-boy package. As a mere mortal I simply can't help myself.

7. I want to see the kids grow up.


The doctors of Grey's Anatomy have a collective 6 children (Zola, Bailey, Ellis, Tucker, Sofia, and Harriet), and I for one need to know who they grow up to be! Is Sofia going to be a bad-ass ortho surgeon like Callie? Or maybe a plastic surgeon like Mark? Or a neo-natal surgeon like Arizona? Or maybe a pastry chef? No one knows yet, but I must know, and I'm fully prepared to keep watching for another decade to find out.

8. I'm not a quitter


Speaking of decades. Grey's Anatomy first premiered on March 27th, 2005. That means it's been almost 12 years since the premiere. At this point, I've come too far, cried too much, and skipped to many social engagements (still not sorry), to turn back now.

9. It addresses important issues in light yet sensitive ways.


Callie Torres is a bi-sexual, hispanic, female, surgeon and she is arguably the strongest, and definitively the most bad-ass, character on the show. Grey's Anatomy embraces diversity and pushes the boundaries of normalcy in such a delicate way that the viewer somehow doesn't even realize they're actually learning valuable lessons about life.... and of course about medicine.

10. It's entertaining.


And isn't that really the point of good television anyways? Grey's gives me a break from reality and allows me to escape into a world where life's trivialities are unbelievably banal in comparison to two people being impaled by a pole, and yet somehow, are both alive and talking, except only one of them can live (re: season 2 episode 6). The fact that I got a parking ticket on Tuesday doesn't seem nearly as bad in comparison.

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