10 Reasons Having A Long-Distance Best Friend Is The Actual Worst


"A lot of people say that you find your soul-mate in college, and mine is you." - My best friend the day I left.

I genuinely believe there are sides of myself that only exist when I am around my best friend. It's sort of like I take on all of her best traits and all of mine and become this extra version of myself. It isn't as if I'm actively hiding this best version of myself from the rest of the world, it's just that there's something about being with my best friend that makes everything better, and that makes me better.

On the flip side, she is also the best at stopping me from being my worst self. There is no one in the world who knows me better than she does. So when she tells me I'm being unreasonable, or ridiculous, or harsh, or an outright bitch, I believe her. Chances are, she's totally right. There is no one who can talk me off the crazy train quite like she can.

And while I'm happy to no longer be in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, now, I miss my other partner, whom I lovingly refer to as "my person."

Because if we've learned anything from Grey's Anatomy, it's that your soul-mate isn't always your spouse, but often times, it's 'your person:' your best friend.

So here are the 10 reasons my best friend needs to move to LA right now to be with me (and your's needs to move to _____ to be with you!).

1. Time zones are the actual worst


I need my best friend at all hours of the day and for an annoyingly large amount of those hours she is asleep (and she keeps her 'do not disturb' switched on so that my incessant texting doesn't keep her up all night - yeah girl, I see you). Yes, I do need to send her 10 texts throughout the night of my general stream of consciousness.

Everyone with a long distance best friend knows how real this is, every day.


2. Womanhood is hard and I need her help


Being a woman is hard, and messy, and sometimes gross. I (and or my body) do LOADS of downright weird things, and I need her to tell me that it's OK, which can't always be done over the phone. I mean, who else are you going to strip full-on naked in front of to ask if your razor burn looks like herpes? Literally no one.

3. No one can talk me down quite like her


Again, no one knows me better than she does. She can tell whether I've had a bad day, if I'm just hungry, or in the middle of an emotional crisis in about 2 seconds flat, and she knows the perfect remedy for each situation. TBH the answer is almost always wine, but more importantly, wine with her.

4. Girl's night isn't the same without your best girl


She knows what I want to eat on any given night before I even know I'm hungry. She makes me watch movies I would never in a million years watch by myself, and always end up loving, and she always knows if I'm in the mood for wine or margaritas. She just gets me. And she's always down for some good ol' fashion face mask selfies.

5. Who am I supposed to tell my deepest darkest secrets to?


Having flashbacks to the fourth grade? Yeah well adulthood is a lot like fourth grade sometimes. I do/say humiliating things on a daily basis that I absolutely cannot discuss with anyone else, but obviously need to tell her, and it really just doesn't have the same effect over the phone.

6. What if I'm mad at my boyfriend?


My best friend is my biggest source of emotional support. If I get in a fight with my boyfriend, she is the only person I want to see or talk to, and while Skype is great and all, nothing brings you down from a fight quite like wine, snuggles, and rom coms with your best friend. Nothing. Also, 9 times out of 10 she knows why I'm actually mad and how valid that anger is before I do (hint: generally not that valid).

7. I swear wine tastes better when she's around


This can't just be me. I swear it does. Maybe she's just better at picking wine, but until someone proves otherwise I am going to go on thinking she has magical wine powers.

8. Being weird with your best friend is the MOST fun


It would never even cross my mind to do any of the random weird shit I do with my best friend with any other human being, because nothing about it makes sense, and that's half of what makes it so fun.

9. She's part of the family


My parents call me to ask how my best friend is, often before they ask me how I am, which, when you think about it, is actually kind of awesome. They get how amazing she is and they love her too. And their incessant curiosity is just a reminder of how much of her life I'm missing out on, and then I'm sad. So basically she just needs to move here rn.

10. The multiple social media platform struggle is too freaking real


Everyone with a long distance bestie knows the struggle of having one conversation on watsapp, one on facebook messenger, another on imessage and then a whole host of random non-sensical snaps all on the go at once. It's just too much to keep up with. Can't we just be in the same place already!?

Basically this is just a very long, public way for me to beg my bestie to move to LA and be with me 100% of the time again. Please and thank you.

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