11 Hysterically Real Reasons Why Couchella Is Better Than Coachella


Coachella might be fun, but couchella is where the real party is at.

It's that time of year again! Where celebrities and average humans alike brave the depths of the California desert for one epic weekend of music. Coachella gets a lot of attention for basically being the most fun weekend of the year, but there is something significantly more fun than Coachella: Couchella. All the fun of Coachella, without leaving your home.

1. You have unlimited snacks



2. You have unlimited wine


And you never lost your spot going to get more.

3. This:


Is more comfortable than this:


No amount of cuteness is worth not wearing yoga pants for 3 days. Yoga pants > feathery flowing thing. On second thought, yoga pants > everything.

4. Camping is not as glamorous as it sounds


It's hot, it's sweaty, it's smelly. It's generally very uncomfortable and sleep is almost impossible. Your bed is much nicer.

5. Think of all the food you could buy with the money you'd save


Coachella tickets are insanely expensive. For that much you could eat nothing but Grubhub for a month. Imagine the possibilities.

6. There are no sweaty strangers in your house


Yeah, no thanks.

7. You can go to bed on time.


Because let's be honest, your bed is the best place on the planet.

8. No. Hangover.


Nuff said.

9. You don’t have to leave your dog.


No amount of celebrities and music is worth leaving your furbabies.

10. The bathroom.


There is a clean bathroom in your house, appreciate it. That much cannot be said for Coachella.

11. You can listen to Beyonce at home


There's no Queen Bey at Coachella.

So my friends, put on those yoga pants, order some take out grab that corkscrew and put on some Beyonce. Couchella is about to begin.

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