10 Feels All Grey's Fans Are Having As The New Season Gets Closer

doctors, doctor

The suspense is KILLING me!

Anxiety. Pure Anxiety.

Each season has progressively brought more heartbreak, pain, and death. It hurts, but we can't stop.


Who are you going to rip away from us now, Shonda!?


Is anyone from the original cast still even on this show?


That's it, I quit. I can't take it anymore!

But then.. Curiosity.

What happens to Callie?! Meredith!? The Karev's!? What about all the KIDS!? I MUST KNOW.


DO. NOT. TAKE. KAREV. Just look at him being sweet and adorable and CUDDLING a baby back to health! I swear if you take him away from me I'm out and I'm never coming back.


Thanks to spoilers we know that Arizona is going to jail!?!? I'm sorry what.

Finally, excitement.

We can't help it, we're addicted, we just can't stop, and we just can't wait for the return of Grey's on January 19th!