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Do you have book smarts and street smarts?

 May 24, 2019

1 of 14Do they have the 4th of July in the UK?


2 of 14What is heavier 100 pounds of rocks or 100 pounds of feathers?

The feathers for sure.
The rocks duh!
Neither, they both weight the same.

3 of 14Can a man legally marry his widow’s sister in Canada?

Yes of course!
No way!

4 of 14A hazelnut falls when the wind is blowing north, where will it land?

Hazelnuts don't grow on trees.
On the ground.

5 of 14Before Mount Everest was discovered, the highest mountain in the world was?

Mount Everest
Mount Logan
Mount Kilimanjaro

6 of 14How many birthdays does the average woman have?


7 of 14Some months have 31 days, and some have 30. How many have 28?


8 of 14The capital of Turkey is a strange word. How do you spell it?


9 of 14Is it legal for a person living in New York to be buried in California?

Yes, why not?
No way!

10 of 14If a red house is made of red bricks, what’s a green house made out of?

Red bricks.
Green bricks.
Blue bricks.

11 of 14What was the current President's name in 1973?

Barack Obama
Richard Nixon
Donald J Trump

12 of 14How many animals of each species did Moses take with him on the ark?


13 of 14Goldville has a red house and a blue house, where's the white house?

Washington D.C.
There's not enough information.

14 of 14Ms Potts entire 1 story apartment is red, what color are her stairs?

She doesn't have stairs.
Red like everything else.
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