Pixar Quiz: Can You Spot The Real Pixar Characters From The Fake Ones?

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Who else totally mixed up "Antz" and "A Bug's Life"?

Choose the correct characters that come from Pixar Animation Studios versus look-alikes from Dreamworks, Walt Disney Animation, and more! Pixar Quiz, Pixar Trivia, Fun Quiz, Buzzfeed Quiz #pixar #disney #trivia #quiz

 Sep 17, 2019
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While it might seem 'easy' to some to spot a Pixar plot from a Dreamworks one, do you think you can choose the Pixar characters out of a sea of other animated creations? Whether it's from Pixar or Disney Animation (yes, they're different!), challenge your Pixar memory to see if you can spot the real Pixar characters from the 'fake' ones!

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