Pixar Quiz: Can You Name Every Single One Of These Minor Pixar Characters?

"Brave" via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Let's see if you really are THE ultimate Pixar fan!

Match the following Pixar characters with their correct names from the list to see if you are a trust Pixar movie master!

 Jul 16, 2018
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When we say 'Toy Story,' what comes to your mind first: Buzz Lightyear or Trixie The Triceratops? When we say 'WALL-E,' do you think of EVE or M-O? Though our beloved Pixar main characters often dominate the spotlight, we have to give props to their fellow 'castmates' (good or evil!). With that being said, do you think you can name all of these minor Pixar characters from their films? We think you can! Give it a shot!