Quiz: Everyone's A Hybrid Of 2 Monsters, Inc. Characters. Which Are You?

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via Walt Disney Studios/Pixar

"Boy, Wazowski looks like he's in trouble..."

From Mike to Sulley, answer the following personality questions and we'll let you know which hybrid of Pixar's "Monsters, Inc." characters you are!

 Sep 17, 2019
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"Monsters, Inc." introduced laughs and scares alike to the Pixar movie world in 2001. Since, then its sequel, "Monsters University," provided even more great times off the Scare Floor and onto campus. Whether you found yourself relating to the one-eyed Wazowski or the cerulean Sulley more, try out our following personality questions to help us help you determine what hybrid of "Monsters, Inc." characters you might be! Don't be scared! (We promise there's no code 2319 here!)

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