The 18 Best Sabrina the Teenage Witch Instagram Captions

Sabrina, Netflix

Let's face it, we all wanted to become a witch on our 16th birthday...

The Best "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Instagram Captions for Your All Your Posts

We guess you could use ‘excited' to describe what we're all feeling while waiting for the new "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" to pop up on our Netflix feeds and cure us of our "Riverdale" withdrawals. While you wait, though, we thought we'd help you remember all your future witchy watch parties with our picks for the best "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" Instagram captions!

We'll be throwing back to 1996 for this nostalgic trip, however, and we'll reconnect you with everyone's magical wonder-gal, Melissa Joan Hart, and the trying-not-to-be-too-robotic-seeming Salem we couldn't help but love through every episode.

So, while we know "The Chilling Adventures" won't necessarily be the reboot of our millennial dreams, we'll still tune in with our best Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda impressions for every "Sabrina"-worthy Insta selfie!

Great "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Quotes from Seasons 1-3 for Instagram Captions

• "I'm a witch, and I STILL have to go to school?" – Sabrina Spellman (Season 1)

• "Sorry. Rules are rules, but loopholes are loopholes!" – The Rulebearer (Season 1)

• "You haven't cracked this hand. I mean, not even the knuckles." – Quizmaster (Season 2)

• "You can read my mind; and now you're sensing my great need to stop in Philadelphia for a cheese-steak." – Salem Saberhagen (Season 2)

• "A French dinosaur. I only wish this was the strangest thing I've ever encountered." – Sabrina Spellman

• "I'm online with a camel in Jerusalem who used to be an Amway salesman." – Salem Saberhagen (Season 3)

Fun "Sabrina" Quotes from Seasons 4-5 for All Your Magical Selfies

• "How about I fry you up a thick salmon fillet? – Zelda Spellman (Season 4)

• "There are pawprints all over my cake!" – Hilda Spellman (Season 4)

• "You know I've been thinking of revising my will and leaving you my entire collection of PEZ dispensers." – Salem Saberhagen (Season 4)

• "Miles, tell her that Valentine's day is nothing more than a bogus holiday engineered by the greeting card industry." – Roxie King (Season 5)

• "If this is the best party of all time, I'm glad I'm a social outcast." – Miles Goodman (Season 5)

• "So what are you looking forward to most about being a Mu Pi? Doing your toenails with the other girls, or highlighting each other's hair?" – Sabrina Spellman (Season 5)

Nostalgic "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Quotes from Seasons 6-7 for Instagram Captions

• "My special skills include juggling, rollerblading, southern accents, and feasting on the blood of mortals." – Vladimir Kortensky (Season 6)

• "Roxie hates everybody at first. It's her way of reaching out to people." – Sabrina Spellman (Season 6)

• "Not only did I have breakfast at Tiffany's, I stayed for lunch and dinner." – Morgan Cavanaugh (Season 6)

• "Never think that 'almost' is good enough for you." – Aaron Jacobs (Season 7)

• "Wait a minute. How are you gonna quit magic? Go to Witch Watchers?" – Harvey Kinkle (Season 7)

• "I'm not really sure what this [soul-stone] is, but something told me I would find the answer here." – Harvey Kinkle (Season 7)