28 No Makeup Instagram Captions for a Natural Look

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Go 'au naturel' with your favorite no-makeup-makeup look!

The Best No-Makeup Instagram Captions

Glitz and glam definitely have their days, but we are all about that natural look too. Whether you go for minimal makeup or go makeup-free, it's always a good idea to give your skin a nice break every once in a while! So, put on those animal sheet masks and bring your best fresh face forward, and we'll give you the best, the dewiest, the most refreshing no makeup Instagram captions for your natural look!

Ready... set... go inspire your Insta followers!

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Good Captions No-Makeup Selfie on Insta

• Yes, there 'is something different about me today.' Thanks for noticing!

• This must be the reason 'true' and 'you' rhyme.

• No makeup, no problem!

• I'd say 'unfiltered' is the best filter on here.

• Please welcome my freckles in their first summer appearance!

• I'm trying out the 'no-makeup-makeup-but-really-no-makeup' look.

Witty Instagram Captions for No Makeup Looks

• 'Au naturel' is my only natural.

• Going back to my roots... and not just the ones on my head.

• OMG = only MY glam.

• It's a half-hearted bun and no-makeup kind of day.

• Nixing the makeup today. On the upside, though, my face is 100% nap ready.

• Not wearing a 30 dollar concealer means I have no excuse to NOT workout today...

Great Fresh Face Instagram Captions for No Makeup Selfies

• If you don't like me at freshest, you don't deserve the other half of my ice cream sundae.

• Loving yourself is the best kind of self care.

• I gave my glam squad the day off today!

• Nude is the new glam.

• Pardon our mess: something new is coming to this space.

• Hello, my name is: living my freshest life.

Dreamy No-Makeup Quotes for Your Freshest Insta Captions

• "I finally realized that I'm beautiful on the inside regardless of a couple bumps here and there. Who cares?" – Alicia Keys

• "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." – Coco Chanel

• "I want to see women approach beauty in a way that makes them feel like the best version of themselves." – Fiona Stiles

• "Whether I'm wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I'm always the same person on the inside." – Lady GaGa

• "I would love to see women confident in their own beauty." – Sunnie Brook

• "A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear!" – Marilyn Monroe

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Happy Self-Love Captions for Selfies with No Makeup

• The best me I can be is... well, me!

• Feel free to @ my new look.

• Don't hide your inner light. Put that hair up in a bun and shine.

• The only way through the year? Sheet masks. - BRB!