21 Best Mac Miller Instagram Captions

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"Life is short, don't ever question the lengths."

The Best Mac Miller Instagram Captions to Celebrate His Life

Malcolm James McCormick – or Mac Miller – was one of the most iconic rappers of the millennial generation and beyond. Though he passed too soon from the world, his lyrics live on as sources of hope, inspiration, and power for many. We've taken some of the greatest Mac Miller creations out there to give you the best Mac Miller Instagram captions for any occasion.

From "Blue Slide Park" to "Swimming," his music will certainly continue to play on in hearts everywhere.

So, when your next Insta post needs a little something special, consider celebrating some of this rapper's most memorable work.

Good Mac Miller Instagram Captions: Quotes from "Blue Slide Park" (2011)

• "Sometimes I just wanna go / Back to Blue Slide Park / The only place I call home / I hope it's never all gone." – "English Lane"

• "Taught myself to walk, then got up and took flight." – "PA Nights"

• "You can keep on grillin', Imma smile back, smile back." – "Smile Back"

• "Somebody changin' the world, it only takes one." – "One Last Thing"

Clever Mac Miller Captions for Instagram: Quotes from "Watching Movies with the Sound Off" (2013)

• "Walking on a tightrope, underneath a microscope / But close up, we all just molecules and isotopes." – "Avian"

• "I heard he moved to a place / Where the time don't end / You don't need money / All you got is time to spend." – "REMember"

• "My mind, it wanders to places yonder and even farther / When I'm sleepwalking I'm Stephen Jobs or I'm Peter Parker." – "Aquarium"

• "Take me to euphoria according to the story of a warrior / Picturing my visions as you look inside my cornea." – "Youforia"

Fun Mac Miller Lyrics for Instagram Captions from "GO:OD AM" (2015) Album

• "It's only a game, don't be afraid / These doors will close, and people change." – "Doors"

• "Soon as I learned that the more you do, the less you wait." – "Rush Hour"

• "You can expect the unexpected / These dreams are manifested from my head into reality, they seems a bit excessive, but / I don't stress it, two hands to count my blessings." – "Time Flies"

• "Hey, blow out the candles, make a wish / What's a life if you never take a risk?" – "Two Matches"

Inspiring Mac Miller Captions for Insta from "The Divine Feminine" (2016)

• "You feel like you are alone. You have a soulmate? / Somebody who challenges you / I'm talking about someone who opens up things for you, touches your soul." – "Soulmate"

• "And you, always wonderin' what we'll be / I say we sound better than you or me." – "We"

• "Oh, loving me, in spite of me / Bless your heart, bless your heart." – "We"

• "Said, the universe couldn't keep us apart / Why would it even try?" – "My Favorite Part"

Mac Miller Quotes from "Swimming" (2018) for Instagram Captions

• "Down go the system, long live the king / Turn the power off and get your water from the spring." – "Hurt Feelings"

• "And you could find me, I ain't hiding / I don't move my feet when I be gliding." – "Self Care"

• "Oh, I been a fool, but that's cool, that's what human beings do / Keep your eyes to the sky, never glued to your shoes." – "Small Worlds"

• "Somehow we gotta find a way / No matter how many miles it takes." – "Ladders"

• "Heads turnin' like a hurricane swervin' / Tell the sun get up outta my shade." – "What's The Use"