You Guys, Use These 16 Busy Philipps Instagram Captions Are Perfect

Busy Philipps as Audrey Liddell in The WB show Dawson's Creek, instagram captions, celebs, tv
"Dawson's Creek" via The WB

It's not easy being Busy!

The Best Busy Philipps Instagram Captions for Every Post!

Busy Philipps certainly lives up to her name - just take a look at her filmography! Whatever role you love her most as, whenever you've got a Busy-approved selfie ready to post, check here for our best Busy Philipps quotes for your Instagram captions!

For her famed time on our favorite television series (and subsequently our Netflixes, let's be honest), were you following her as a fan on "ER" as Dr. Bobeck? Or did you Gen. X and Millennial fangirl (or fanboy!) over her role as Audrey in "Dawson's Creek?" (And let's not forget her fight for women's equality on the silver screen in her memoir "This Will Only Hurt A Little"!)

Oh, and let's not pass over that anticipation for her new late-night talk show "Busy Tonight" on E this October! Phew.

So, now we know Busy is good at being busy… but now you better get busy spicing up that Insta feed with her most memorable moments!

Great Busy Philipps Movie Quotes for Instagram Captions

• "Oh, honey, let me show you a trick... BRACE YOURSELF!" – Karen Googlestein, "White Chicks"

• "Could someone who is not a misogynist pass the Splenda?" – Melissa, "Made of Honor"

• "Welcome to my world, a**hole. Let me get the door." – Kelli Ann, "He's Just Not That Into You"

• "I mean, like, I hear really good things about SoulCycle..." – Jane, "I Feel Pretty"

• "People who think that morning is the best part of the day are the same kinds of people that think crust is the best part of the pizza." – Alicia Browning, "Home Room"

Nostalgic Busy Philipps Quotes from Her Best TV Roles

• "All right, I am willing to grant that there is a certain karmic appropriateness to seeing one's ex-boyfriend for the first time at a 'No Doubt' concert." – Audrey Liddell, "Dawson's Creek"

• "I'm loud, shameless, bossy, and I freak people out sometimes. But I don't think I can change that." – Audrey Liddell, "Dawson's Creek"

• "Why don't you blow your nose in some bread and make me a sandwich?" – Kim Kelly, "Freaks and Geeks"

• "Everybody needs something to believe in." – Hope Bobeck, "ER"

• "Grayson, that is a word that only women are allowed to use when they're really angry with another woman." – Laurie Keller, "Cougar Town"

• "I'll have one soy largey, one teeny tiny, one teeny teeny tiny unleaded, one Plain Jane, extra yum - what the hell make it a double yum..." – Laurie Keller, "Cougar Town"

Fantastic Busy Philipps Quotes for All Your Slaying Selfies on Insta

• "No one is going to tell you all the things you want to hear all the time. You have to know them yourself." – Busy Philipps, "This Will Only Hurt A Little"

• "I've determined that just about everyone feels left out; it just comes down to how you handle it." – Busy Philipps, "This Will Only Hurt A Little"

• "I don't believe in guilty pleasures. If you enjoy something, there's nothing guilty about it." – Busy Philipps

• "I'm flattered that people want to hear me talk about nothing." – Busy Philipps

• "I love proving that I can do something." – Busy Philipps