Less Than 18% Of Disney Fans Can Name All These Sidekicks By One Quote

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Walt Disney Studios

Sidekicks deserve the spotlight too!

A hero's only as ready as their sidekick! Try to match the following quotes from Disney sidekicks to the correct name! Do you think you can grab 100%?

 Jul 23, 2018
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The Phil to your Hercules, the Timon and Pumbaa to your Simba... there are just as many beloved Disney sidekicks as there are heroic heroes in almost every Disney film. They might not hold the title of their respective movies, but each sidekick does his or her part as the voice of reason, the fearless friend, or the biggest fan. Without them, Disney movies would just not be the same! That being said, do you think you can recognize some of these sidekicks' most famous lines? We think you can! Jump into your best Timon hula outfit and try it out!

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