Disney Quiz: Answer These Magical Qs & Find Out Your Signature Disney Ride

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Walt Disney Parks

From Magic Kingdom to Epcot, which Disney ride will you share a queue with?

If Disney World rides could talk, what would they say? Answer these personality questions, and we'll let you know which iconic Disney ride you embody!

 Sep 10, 2019
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For some, "Pirates of The Caribbean" is a must-go. For others, they wouldn't dare go to Disney World without taking an aesthetic picture at "The Mad Tea Party." There are over 50 rides (and counting) in the Disney World parks, and we're offering these queue q's to figure out which of them suits your personality the best! Will you be "Star Tours" or "Expedition Everest?" Will you be in Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom? The possibilities are truly endless! Go ahead and get your fast passes out - the ride will begin shortly!

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