Quiz: This Is The Most Entertaining Disney Princess Quiz You'll Ever Take

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Sing to the animals like the Disney princess in you has always wanted to do!

Challenge your Disney princess memory by answering all of the following tricky trivia questions. Do you think you can take the crown with 100%?

 Sep 10, 2020

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Where was Snow White when she first met the Prince?
At the Wishing Well
In the forest
Cleaning the castle

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Who was responsible for making Cinderella's first dress?
Cinderella's Fairy Godmother
The animals

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What was Aurora's alias while she lived in the forest?
Briar Rose
Gorgeous Lily
Delicate Saffron

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Ariel is the youngest of how many other sisters?

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How was it that Belle learns her father Maurice is trapped in Beast's castle?
She read about the place in a book, and goes
Philippe the horse leads her there
She is lead there by her intuition

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What was Jasmine's potential punishment for giving the hungry boy an apple at the market?
Being imprisoned
Losing a hand
Being taken back to her father

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Who does Pocahontas think can convince John to stop the war between the settlers and the natives?
Grandmother Willow

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What does Mulan leave at the General's grave marker?
A sword
A helmet
A doll

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Where did Tiana work before her adventure began?
Duke's Cafe
Tiana's Palace
La Bouff's

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How was Rapunzel born?
She was the product of a spell from Mother Gothel
Her mother ate a magical flower when she was sick
She was found in a forest

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How does Anna get her platinum blonde streak in her hair?
It appears as she freezes to ice
Elsa accidentally hit her in the head with her powers
Just after Arendelle freezes over, it appears

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What is Rapunzel's main reason for wanting to leave the tower?
She finally wants to go outside
She wants to see her parents
She wants to see the lanterns at the festival

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What is Tianna's dream?
To marry a prince and become rich
To see her father one last time
To be a restaurant owner

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What honor does the Emperor bestow to Mulan?
He bows to her
He gives her a scroll
He gives her a sword

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Which of these places does Jasmine go to with Aladdin on the magic carpet ride?
To a forest
To another part of the kingdom
To China

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How is Belle eventually freed from Gaston's basement?
She finds an axe in the basement
Maurice invents a contraption to free them
Chip frees her with Maurice's machine

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Where does Ariel's voice go in her time as a human?
In a shell in Ursula's hideout
Trapped in a pearl
In a necklace worn by Ursula

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What does the rest of the kingdom do while Aurora sleeps?
They all fall under a sleeping spell
They all search for the prince
They all panic

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Who sabotages Cinderella's first attempt at trying on the glass slipper?
Lady Tremaine

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What was Snow White doing before the Huntsman could perform the Queen's bidding?
Saving a baby birl
Gathering nuts and berries
Inspecting the grounds around the castle
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Do you think you have what it takes to pass this fun and challenging Disney princess quiz? Let's see how well you know some of Disney's most fabulous princesses! Get out your tiaras and grab your closest animal friends and try out these tricky trivia questions for yourself! Whether it's about the classy and classic Cinderella or the jazzy soul of Tiana, see if you can snag 100% (and bragging rights that you totally just took over this quiz kingdom).