Answer These Qs & We'll Reveal Which Pixar Movie Matches Your Life

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Ever wish you had a movie about your life? There might be a Pixar one with your name on it!

Answer these personality-based questions, and we will tell you which Pixar movie best fits your life!

 Jul 02, 2018
1 of 20Choose Your Answer:
In a perfect world, your ideal partner would…
Be responsible and work hard when they can
Want to save as much money as possible for the future
Be receptive to and respectful of your needs and wants
Have interesting differences from your own life
2 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of these would be the best work situation?
Working with your hands or tools
Fast-paced, completing many tasks every day
Consistently being heard and acknowledged
Being able to call your own shots
3 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What is your personal communication style?
It depends on the situation!
Thought-out and pre-organized
Short and sweet, no sugar-coating
Excited, animated
4 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What behaviors would you want future generations to value?
Being organized pursuing stability
Striving to be successful and driven
Loving freely and being a good listener
Finding truth and questioning everything
5 of 20Choose Your Answer:
How do you see yourself in the world?
You are seeking to understand how exactly the world ‘works’
You try new things and seek adventure
You are out to inspire others by your creativity and passions
You like to keep all your ducks in a row
6 of 20Choose Your Answer:
How do you measure your successes?
By how many people are affected by your work
By how many others recognize your work
By being able to see the physical impacts of your work
By how many people truly appreciate your work
7 of 20Choose Your Answer:
People might have once called you…
Hopeless romantic
8 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What are your ideal career goals?
To be your own boss
To achieve great results and accomplishments
To engage in research that betters the future
To help others in any way possible
9 of 20Choose Your Answer:
A must-have trait in romantic relationships is…
Always having the feeling of security
Being fully accepted and loved for being yourself
Being able to carry long, intellectual conversation
Being free to do what you want when you want
10 of 20Choose Your Answer:
You find one of your best characteristics to be…
You are patient in understanding others’ points-of-view
You are passionate about seeking knowledge
You will try everything and have no regrets
You are a dependable friend and/or partner
11 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of these would make you go crazy?
Acting fake to please other people
Chaos in the workplace or at home
Feeling like you aren’t doing your job correctly
Being stuck in one place forever
12 of 20Choose Your Answer:
When talking about any topic you often…
Use many hypothetical and theoretical situations
Always have an opinion on how things should go
Use what is reasonable and factual
Having a working knowledge of just about everything
13 of 20Choose Your Answer:
In your professional life, you are often the…
Spontaneous one
Knowledgeable one
Passionate one
Organized one
14 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of your traits do your bosses typically praise?
You are always well-prepared
You are honest and authentic
You come up with new ways to solve problems
You are a naturally-skilled worker
15 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of these words describes your friendships?
Fun and boundary-less
16 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Do you typically hold grudges?
Only if it is to some end benefit
It depends on what happened
17 of 20Choose Your Answer:
How would you prepare to talk about a paper to peers?
I would like lots of feedback from friends first
I need to prepare for at least two weeks
By finding out all the pertinent facts first
No practice needed, I’ll wing it
18 of 20Choose Your Answer:
When at a large gathering, which of these describes you most?
Engaging in a pro/con debate about something
Socializing with everyone, friend or not!
Moving around the room, cleaning up constantly
Talking with your closest friends
19 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What do you pull from when making big decisions?
The more well-trusted options
Your future ideals
Your past experiences
Your current mood
20 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Are you happy with where you are right now?
Pretty happy and/or satisfied
If I am not, I can change my attitude
Not too bad now but could be better
Not fully satisfied in one aspect or another
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Choose the answer that best fits your personality, and we will tell you which wonderful Pixar movie best describes you and your life. Whether it's 'The Incredibles' or 'Inside Out,' Pixar has got a little bit of movie magic for everyone out there! Which movie are you?