Everyone Is A Hybrid Of A Disney & Pixar Character. Which Are You?

Who do you resemble the most?

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 Jul 02, 2018
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Question: 1/20Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following could be a current frustration of yours?
When others do not make good on any promises or pay-backs
Not being able to figure out a problem even after examining all angles
Not being listened to when speaking or conversing
Having to follow a routine for an extended amount of time

Question: 2/20Choose Your Answer:

What do friendships tend to give you?
New adventures and fun
An emotional safe space

Question: 3/20Choose Your Answer:

In a professional setting, you are...
The most invested one
The most well-prepared one
Often the most knowledgable one
The most out-of-the-box one

Question: 4/20Choose Your Answer:

In an perfect world, your ideal partner would be...
Receptive to your emotions and desires
Hard-working and dedicated
Frugal and money-conscious
Ever-changing and eager

Question: 5/20Choose Your Answer:

Have there been any big changes in your life recently?
I try to avoid change as much as possible
One or two
Quite a few
A few, but for the better

Question: 6/20Choose Your Answer:

What worries are on your mind?
A problem with your living situation
A problem with a significant other, friend, or family member
A problem that seems unfixable currently or for a while
A problem with (or in looking for) employment

Question: 7/20Choose Your Answer:

What stance do you take in disagreements between friends?
You try and work hands-on to find a good compromise
You side with one friend or the other but privately
You scrutinize both sides of the disagreement first
You seem to be the one deciding the outcome

Question: 8/20Choose Your Answer:

What would you want to contribute most to society?
Firm, informed judgements
A listening ear and open mind
Innovative ideas
Light-hearted attitude

Question: 9/20Choose Your Answer:

Regarding work and play...
Work THEN play
Play THEN work
Work IS play
Intermittent work AND THEN play

Question: 10/20Choose Your Answer:

How do you communicate problems to others?
You don't usually bring it up to others
You write it in an email and send it off to the receiver
You confront the problem party in a meeting
You prefer talking to strangers who you might not see again

Question: 11/20Choose Your Answer:

Your non-negotiable trait for friendship is...
Loyalty and upholding accountability
Being able to be receptive of different moods and acting accordingly
Having similar interests and conversation styles
Being okay with long trips, odd cuisine, and adventure

Question: 12/20Choose Your Answer:

Which environment would you prefer NOT to be in?
An unfamiliar class or group
A chaotic workplace
In your childhood hometown for undefined length of time
With a group of shallow, fake individuals

Question: 13/20Choose Your Answer:

Which experience would you choose to embark on?
A solo train trip across the country
One to another country to visit family or friends
Popular theme parks during their off-season
Backpacking or hiking trails and caves

Question: 14/20Choose Your Answer:

Do you typically hold strong opinions during conversation?
It depends on the topic
Here and there, when you have had the time to think
Yes, fairly often
No, not typically

Question: 15/20Choose Your Answer:

You would feel the most involved in...
A long-term research opportunity
A cause near and dear to your heart
A casual get-together with new and old friends
A group project with your colleagues

Question: 16/20Choose Your Answer:

At one point in your life, you might have been called...
'Too passive'
'Too judgmental'
'Too loud'
'Too uninterested'

Question: 17/20Choose Your Answer:

What's the best way to plan a big party or get-together?
By making sure you know who you are inviting (or not inviting)
Write down the first ideas that come to mind
Calculating the total cost projected and budgeting
By suggesting the music, the jokes, the games etc.

Question: 18/20Choose Your Answer:

There are times you feel as if...
You are lost and overwhelmed
There is something you are missing out knowing about
It's time to move on to the next thing
There should be more hours in a day...

Question: 19/20Choose Your Answer:

How should the up-and-coming generations work to improve society?
By going out and rallying or speaking out for what they believe in
By coming up with more current or more correct laws/regulations
By always being there for those who need it the most
By going to school and learning about many different views

Question: 20/20Choose Your Answer:

What are you often in search of?
Your personal belongings
Answers to why the world is the way it is
Ways to help those around you
The next thrilling chapter to your life
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The distinction between Disney animation and Pixar grows more defined with each passing year. Both studios continually produce the classic works you know and love, but most Disney/Pixar buffs will be quick to point out what they like and dislike about each style. The boundaries are totally dropped in this quiz, though! We invite you to answer these personality questions honestly to find out who your perfect Disney and Pixar hybrid character could be! Will this crossover fit you to a 'T?'