Peter Pan Quiz: Which Lost Boy Are You?

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Which one of Peter's men are you?

Answer these personality-based questions to find out which Lost Boy from Disney's 'Peter Pan' you are! Do you have what it takes to live on Neverland?

 Jul 09, 2018
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If you were a Lost Boy, how would you describe the process of becoming one?
You would try and dig deep into your 'memory' to recall the facts
You can't recall how you became a Lost Boy, exactly
You would rather not speak to strangers when you first meet them
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When in your younger years, you typically had trouble with...
Fitting in with your own age group
Missing important announcements
Sitting still or being focused in class
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Which of these would you value the most?
Knowing what to do in every situation
Being independent and self-sufficient
Making the most out of life
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Which of these is a negative trait others might find in you?
You can be a little irresponsible
You can be too uptight at times
You can be really soft-spoken or timid
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A career goal of yours would be...
To be your own boss
To be able to get to a financially stable place
To achieve great results and accomplishments
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How do you see yourself as a Lost Boy in Neverland?
You try to find out the secrets of the mysteries around it
You are the one to offer solutions to problems that might arise
You are always up for an adventure around the island
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It's time to set some new rules on Neverland, what do you consider most?
How your other fellow Lost Boys might be affected by the new rules
How the new rules would affect your living quarters or environment
How the rules might affect the hierarchy of the Lost Boys
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The best kind of compliment is one...
That is specific and validating
That is honest and meaningful
Sincere and based on the process of your work
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When it's time for you to depart Neverland, what should future Lost Boys know?
They should think to question everything and trust cautiously
They should make sure they pick the most fun activities to do everyday
They should learn how to maintain order even through chaos
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Which personal quality do you find to be the best?
Being able to have the heart to try anything and everything in life
Being a truly dependable friend and/or partner
A complete dedication to any passions or passionate causes
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If you were the leader of the Lost Boys, how would you make big decisions?
By going off past mistakes/experiences and your current mood
By consulting each person (and any experts) for advice first
By how they will benefit (or hurt) the group in the future
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What do you think would be the most likely reason to fight with a fellow Lost Boy?
They did not do or complete what they said they would
They harshly criticized one of your ideas or suggestions
They are off daydreaming instead of participating or assisting
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You are most likely to base your actions on...
Your current emotional state
Towards the outcome that you have the most prior knowledge of
What normal, socially-acceptable behavior is typically like
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A Lost Boy should look for a potential 'mother' that is...
Kind and courteous
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Which of these is the best trait an employee could have?
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What is a big relationship deal-breaker?
When the other party tries to control any aspect of your life
When the other party always over-exaggerates everything
When the other party cannot seem to keep solid plans
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Something you are proud of being is...
Patient and understanding
Dependable and reliable
Passionate and driven
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What kind of toppings would you put on a 'Neverland' pizza?
Pixie Dust!
Faith and trust
No toppings at all!
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You often measure your own successes by...
How many people verbally appreciate your work
What you can actually, physically see being changed or helped
How many achievements or awards you gain from your work
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Finish this quote: "Think of the happiest thing, it's the same as..."
Golden rings!
Boneless wings!
Having wings!
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Slighty, Nibs, Cubby, Tootles... the list of Lost Boys goes on! Though, from the movies, we aren't quite sure where they are all lost from, we know that you've got to be clever, resourceful, and brave to be part of the crew. Answer the following questions and find out which Lost Boy you would be in Peter Pan's band! Do you have that perfect blend of faith, trust, and pixie dust?