Disney Quiz: Which Disney Mentor Should You Take Advice From Right Now?

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What do your wise Disney guides have in mind for you today?

Choose your answer for these personality-based questions so that we can determine what Disney mentor's advice could benefit you the most!

 Jun 25, 2018
1 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of these resonates most with you?
The past
The future
The present
2 of 20Choose Your Answer:
When at a large gathering, which of these describes you most?
Moving around the room, cleaning up as the night goes on
Socializing with everyone, the more the merrier
Talking with your closest friends
3 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of these could be a pet peeve of yours?
Having to do the same thing over and over again
Not being listened to while speaking
When others go back on or break their promises
4 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Out of these, you would describe yourself as…
A free spirit
Easily emotional
5 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Who have you most recently butt heads with?
A family member
A friend or coworker
6 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which area would you most consider making a donation to?
A wildlife reserve
A community arts program
An education scholarship fund
7 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Has there recently been a big change in your life?
There might be one soon!
8 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What are you most worried about at the moment?
Relationship problems
An on-going job search
Financial situations
9 of 20Choose Your Answer:
You wish you could better understand…
A significant other
A recent acquaintance
A family member
10 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Do you typically hold grudges?
It depends!
11 of 20Choose Your Answer:
How do you deal with disputes between friends?
You go with the friend you believe is right
You remain neutral, not taking either side
You choose to not really get involved
12 of 20Choose Your Answer:
How would you prepare to deliver a speech?
I would like lots of feedback from friends and family first
No practice needed, I’ll wing it
I need to prepare for at least a month
13 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What would you want future generations to learn from you?
There is no dream too big if you put in the work
Life is short - if you want to do something, do it
Listen to everyone, respect their opinions – even if you disagree
14 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Which of these items would you pick?
A new dress
A vintage record
A tall walking stick
15 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Your usual style of dress is…
Something that vibes with my personality at the time
I dress like I’m ready for the gym (even if I’m not!)
I live in my ‘office outfit’
16 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Work and play…?
Play THEN work
Work IS play
Work THEN play
17 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What do you look toward when making big decisions?
Your past experiences
Your current mood
Your future ideals
18 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What do you often search for?
Your car keys
The next big opportunity
19 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Your favorite types of TV shows are…
Home renovation, cooking, or history-based
Reality TV, drama, or competitive shows
Fictional drama, adventure, or fantasy
20 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Are you happy with where you are right now?
Not fully satisfied in one way or another
Not too bad but could be better
Pretty happy or satisfied
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Has something been on your mind? Do you need a little push of encouragement? Have you been searching for signs? Would you love to have a Disney mentor's advice? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place! With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust (and your honest answers to the following questions), a Disney mentor might have the guidance that you seek.