Quiz: Everyone Is A Hybrid Of A Disney & Marvel Character. Which Are You?

disney marvel hybrid
via Walt Disney Studios/Marvel

We'll take four orders of Marvel x Disney to-go, please!

With Disney and Marvel, the sky's the limit. Answer these personality q's to find out which characters would be your perfect Disney and Marvel hybrid!

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With Disney and Marvel joining forces, each of your most-awaited superhero movies gets a little bit of of that extra Disney magic. While we relive our favorite Disney movies and stare in wonder at our superhero idols, we can't help but wonder... what would happen if Hawkeye ran with Merida? Or Mulan slayed with Thor? If it was up to us, we'd think that would be pretty epic. But what do you think? What hybrid of characters would you want to be in a Disney x Marvel universe mash-up?

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