Disney Quiz: Everyone Is A Hybrid Of 2 Lion King Characters. Which Are You?

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You obviously just can't wait to be... singing 'Hakuna Matata!'

What mix of Disney's "Lion King" characters are you? Answer the following personality questions, and we'll let you know what character hybrid you are!

 Aug 27, 2019
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When you think "Lion King," what comes to mind? A great betrayal? Catchy musical numbers? Simba getting hit on the head by Rafiki? Whichever one you think of first, there's no doubt that "The Lion King" has some of the best Disney characters in all of the Pride Lands. What "Lion King" hybrid would you would fit into? Is there a bit of Pumbaa and Simba in you? Or maybe Zazu and Rafiki? Answer the following personality questions and we'll figure out where you sit in the pride!

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