Pinocchio Quiz: Are You More Like Figaro Or Cleo?

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Walt Disney Studios

Who says a fish and a cat can't be friends? (Figaro, probably.)

Honestly answer the following personality questions, and we'll let you know if you are like the feisty Figaro or caring Cleo from Disney's Pinocchio!

 Sep 03, 2019
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Neither of these classic Disney Pinocchio characters are big talkers, but they say all they need to with their animated body language. Both Cleo and Figaro have gone on to be some of the Disney universe's most favorite characters, with Figaro making appearances as Minnie's own cat and Pluto's rival. Do you think you are more like the loyal and caring Cleo or the mischievous and feisty Figaro? Answer our personality questions, and we'll let you know which of this duo you might be!

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