Only Kuzco Can Ace This "Emperor's New Groove" Memory Quiz. Can You Pass?

"The Emperor's New Groove" via Buena Vista Distribution


Try and ace this movie trivia quiz based on Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove." Do you think you can step right into Kuzco's shoes?

 Jul 30, 2019
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Enter the year 2000, "The Emperor's New Groove" was released by Disney and the world was thus thrown into the midst of Kuzco's colorful empire. Luckily, the emperor in this particular story didn't lose any of his clothes (well, kind of), but now he sends us a test! Do you think you can remember all there is to know about "The Emperor's New Groove?" We think you might! Give it a try! (Oh, and watch out for any mysterious looking potions.)

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