Quiz: Everyone Is A Hybrid Of 2 Classic Disney Characters. Which Are You?

sleeping beauty movie
Sleeping Beauty via Buena Vista Distribution

We're going 'old school' with this one!

Answer the following entertaining personality and preference questions, and we'll tell you what Disney classic characters hybrid you embody most!

 Sep 17, 2019
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As much as we love (and sing along to, and want to live our lives as) our "Tangled" and "Princess and The Frog" faves, sometimes we just have to pop in a tape of our favorite Mouse or of the dashing Jiminy Cricket in his tailcoat for that classic Disney experience. So, Rapunzel and Elsa aside, which of the earliest Disney classic characters do you think suits your personality the best? Try out the following questions and we'll let you know which character hybrid you might embody!

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