Disney Quiz: Could You Survive The Cave Of Wonders?


Are you the next diamond in the rough?

Pick your personal choice when it comes to these personality questions and dilemmas to see if you can make it out of Aladdin's Cave of Wonders!

 Jul 09, 2018
1 of 20Choose Your Answer:
You would consider yourself...
2 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Pick one item to enter a cave with:
A supply of food/water
Your phone
A flashlight
3 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Your friend wants to join your adventure! If they do, you'll have to split the treasure... You:
Invite them to come along
Try to stop them, they still go, but are now upset
Tell them you prefer to go it alone, but don't tell them 'no'
4 of 20Choose Your Answer:
In the cave, you come across something you've always wanted. What do you do?
Stare at it, but don't touch it
Poke it with something from your bag
Pick it up
5 of 20Choose Your Answer:
What would your friend say is your best trait?
6 of 20Choose Your Answer:
An unknown animal comes flying towards you. You are:
Freaking out until it passes
Typically calm under pressure anyway
Panicked on the inside, calm on the outside
7 of 20Choose Your Answer:
When making a big decision, what source do you typically draw from?
Your current mood
The potential future effects
Your past experiences
8 of 20Choose Your Answer:
Think about your last big purchase... was it something you needed or wanted?
Needed AND wanted
9 of 20Choose Your Answer:
You wish you were more...
10 of 20Choose Your Answer:
To proceed on in the cave, you must drop one item. Which of these is it?
Your magic flying carpet
Your tent supplies
Your field guides
11 of 20Choose Your Answer:
When trying to pick the correct cave path, you:
Stand in each path to feel for any breezes
Try to listen for a water source in each direction
Pick a random path and hope for the best
12 of 20Choose Your Answer:
The last time you really butted heads with someone was over...
Financial matters
Something insignificant
Relationship problems
13 of 20Choose Your Answer:
As a child, your parents would describe you as...
14 of 20Choose Your Answer:
The ideal partner to be in this cave with would be...
15 of 20Choose Your Answer:
If you had to pick one of these individuals to be your cave partner, you would pick:
Your childhood pet
Your high school best friend
Your office coworker
16 of 20Choose Your Answer:
As you enter the final chamber with the fantastic treasure (it's Genie's lamp!), you:
Take a look at the other treasure first
Camp out for a few hours first
Head straight for the lamp
17 of 20Choose Your Answer:
When you pick up the lamp, you accidentally knock over another treasure... What do you do?
Try and place the item back
Make a run for it!
Drop both the item and the lamp
18 of 20Choose Your Answer:
There is only space for one of you on your carpet, and the cave begins to crumble! What happens next?
You make an escape wish for both of you, but you risk leaving the lamp
You both try for the carpet and hang on, but you might drop the lamp
One of you tries to fly out to wish the other free before cave collapses
19 of 20Choose Your Answer:
If you made it through the cave with the lamp, what would be one of your wishes for the genie?
To free him
To gain wealth equal to the amount in the cave
To start the whole thing over again with your new knowledge
20 of 20Choose Your Answer:
If you escaped, what would you want on your next adventure?
More people!
More useable resources!
More magic carpets!
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The Cave of Wonders from Disney's 'Aladdin' is a true force to be reckoned with. Make one wrong move, and it's game over for you AND all the treasures that lie within. Only those worthy may enter the cave and only those who abide by the rules make it out. Will you be that next diamond in the rough? If you think you could be, answer the following personality questions dilemmas to see if you make it out on the other side. Choose wisely! OR ELSE!