Disney Quiz: Everyone Is A Hybrid Of Two Disney Animals. Which Are You?

disney animal, pascal, timothy
via walt disney pictures

Let's admit it: a chameleon/lion would be so cool.

Answer the following life and personality-based questions honestly to help us determine your ideal Disney pet hybrid! Which pair fits you perfectly?

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Often times, Disney animals steal the show. For some animals, they were specifically created in ways that would be most appealing (and adorable?) to the masses - and all we can is: it sure worked. Animal characters remain one of the most recognized Disney creations (Mickey Mouse, IS a mouse, after all), and some of the most beloved in all the Disney universes. So, whether you're a dog person, a cat person, or maybe a horse person, there is a perfect Disney duo out there for you! Answer the following questions honestly to help us/help you find your hybrid of Disney darlings!

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