Disney Quiz: Everyone Is A Hybrid Of Two Disney Animals. Which Are You?

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Let's admit it: a chameleon/lion would be so cool.

Answer the following life and personality-based questions honestly to help us determine your ideal Disney pet hybrid! Which pair fits you perfectly?

 Jul 23, 2018
1 of 20Pick Your Answer:
When deciding to join a new hobby group, you look for...
How well the club is structured and organized
How happy the other members seem to be
Why the other members wanted to join that club specifically
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Which of these Disney's heroes (or heroines) was your favorite?
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The type of advice you would want to pass on involves...
Making sure your health is always at its best
Stressing the importance of keeping an open, imaginative mind
Keeping certain traditions alive and going
4 of 20Pick Your Answer:
Your overall life goals might include...
To be fairly accomplished and successful
To be well-traveled and always youthful
To be a helpful and deep-thinking member of society
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You might have once been called...
6 of 20Pick Your Answer:
One of the best qualities you have is...
Being dependable and reliable
Being impartial, yet empathetic
Being independent and unafraid
7 of 20Pick Your Answer:
How would you keep yourself occupied if locked up in Rapunzel's tower?
8 of 20Pick Your Answer:
The Disney princess movie that drew you in most was...
The Little Mermaid
Beauty and The Beast
9 of 20Pick Your Answer:
Pick which type of movie you are most likely to see:
A drama
A romantic comedy
An action-adventure
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The best meal of the day is...
11 of 20Pick Your Answer:
A must-have characteristic for a romantic relationship is...
Being able to feel stable and secure
Being able to still feel independent
Being able to have and share meaningful conversations
12 of 20Pick Your Answer:
When in conversation, you tend to...
Move from one topic to another fairly quickly
Use imaginative or hypothetical scenarios as illustrations
Always have an opinion on how you think things should go
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You pride yourself in being...
14 of 20Pick Your Answer:
The ideal partner would be...
Spontaneous and free-spirited
Organized and logical
Creative and intelligent
15 of 20Pick Your Answer:
In a more professional setting, you are often the...
Sensible one
Enthusiastic one
Calm-and-collected one
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The best types of trips and travels are...
17 of 20Pick Your Answer:
Out of these, the best desert is probably...
Ice cream
18 of 20Pick Your Answer:
When you realize a friend has forgotten to pack something, you...
Didn't pack it either because you were going off their list
Offer to ask others to see if they have another one
Have a spare right on hand
19 of 20Pick Your Answer:
What's the best way to deal with a packed schedule?
Create a detailed timetable and stick to it
Just get started from the beginning and work down the list
Try to complete the most important tasks first
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The best kind of compliment is...
Personal and validating
Honest and meaningful
Cognizant of the work you put in to make things happen
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Often times, Disney animals steal the show. For some animals, they were specifically created in ways that would be most appealing (and adorable?) to the masses - and all we can is: it sure worked. Animal characters remain one of the most recognized Disney creations (Mickey Mouse, IS a mouse, after all), and some of the most beloved in all the Disney universes. So, whether you're a dog person, a cat person, or maybe a horse person, there is a perfect Disney duo out there for you! Answer the following questions honestly to help us/help you find your hybrid of Disney darlings!