If You Weren't Born In The 90s, You Won't Pass This Disney Quiz

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Do you think you've locked down that 'millennial' state of mind?

Choose the correct answer for each question based on Disney trivia questions regarding the 90s! Will you be able to hit 100%?

 Jul 09, 2019

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What adventurous mouse movie from the 70s got a sequel 'Down Under' in the 90s?
The Rescuers
Mickey Mouse and Friends

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What are the names of the teapot and teacup in 'Beauty and The Beast?'
Mrs. Tea and Cup
Mrs. Potter and Junior
Mrs. Potts and Chip

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Which of these is the correct title for the live-action, hockey-based film: 'The Mighty...'

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Though this film about three witch sisters was released in July, it has since become a Halloween classic. It is:
Hocus Pocus
Return to Halloweentown
The Three Witches

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What is the name of Aladdin's clever (and sassy!) monkey companion?

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Timon and Pumbaa love to eat...

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What is Simba's love-interest's name?

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What story about a wild jungle boy received a live-action remake in the 90s?
White Fang
The Rescuers
The Jungle Book

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In 'A Goofy Movie,' Max gives Goofy an empty soup can with letters at the bottom that spell out:
'I'm an adult now"
'I'm hungry'
'Hi Dad'

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The name of Pocahontas's raccoon is...
John Smith

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Finish these Pocahontas lyrics: "Can you paint with all the colors of..."
The wind
The sky
The air

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Who locks Quasimodo in Notre Dame Cathedral in attempt to atone for a sin?
Captain Hook
Judge Claude Frollo

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This live-action remake of a classic film includes characters named 'Pongo' and 'Perdi...'
101 Dalmatians

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What are the names of Hades' minions in 'Hercules?'
Thing One and Thing Two
Pain and Panic
Sadness and Anger

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Who (from 'Hercules') sings: "If there's a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I've already won that..."

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Mushu makes what kind of breakfast for Mulan during her days at the training camp?

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The name of the Hun leader that Mulan faces off against is...
Shan Yu
Li Shang

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In what live-action movie does Lindsay Lohan play two twins separated at birth?
The Parent Trap
The Lizzie McGuire Movie
A Goofy Movie

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The woman that Tarzan meets and falls in love with is...
Jane Goodall
Jane of The Jungle
Jane Porter

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What is the correct title of the sequel to Disney's original 'Fantasia' released in 1940?
Fantasia: The Sequel
Fantasia (Mickey's Adventure)
Fantasia (2000)
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Test your Disney knowledge on some movie trivia questions brought to you by the decade that saw 'Hercules' and a young Lindsay Lohan playing two different characters in the same movie. Do you think you've got the 90s-smarts to get through this quiz without awakening The Great Stone Dragon? If you do (or even if you think you might not), give this a try!