Disney Quiz: We Bet You Can't Name All Of These 90s Characters By Two Clues

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You don't have to a millennial to ace this Disney quiz!

Do you have what it takes to ace this 90s Disney character quiz? Prove it by naming all of the following characters using only 2 clues! Good luck!

 Sep 03, 2019
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Ah, the 90s. It was a time of "Beauty and the Beast" and a time of "Hercules." The Disney films of the 90s have gone on to be some of the most recognized and beloved Disney flicks of all time. They might not be as 'classic' as "Snow White" or as graphically current as "Tangled," but they sure do still capture the imagination just the same. Do you think you can dig in and use that inner millennial to guess all these 90s Disney characters by two clues? We think you can ace it!

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