The Definitive List Of Every 90s Teen Heartthrob Who Sexually Awakened You

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Say goodbye to your innocence </3

1. Lance Bass


There's only one man whose frosted tips could make you go weak at the knees and that man is Lance Bass.

2. Ryan Merriman


I'll get locked inside a mansion with a psychopathic Siri any day with you Ryan.

3. Mark-Paul Gosselaar


Screw Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez for giving you unrealistic expectations of the appearance of high school boys.

4. James Van Der Beek

Sony Pictures Television

Why didn't Joey Potter appreciate what she had? Why do all these 90's hunks have 3-4 names?

5. Hanson


You might not ever be able to successfully sing along to "Mmbop," but you will always staunchly defend your favorite brother to the death.

6. Barry Watson


You would've done some very un-Christian things to the oldest Camden brother.

7. Heath Ledger


You were ready to go down under with this toothpick-gnawing bad boy.

8. Nick Carter


The only Backstreet Boy who didn't exit the womb looking 40-years-old, Nick was the obvious crush choice.

9. Will Smith


The first time you realized that funny is sexy.

10. Nick Lachey


Who could resist those puppy dog eyes?

11. Leonardo DiCaprio


Never forget that before we had Rave Leo or Save-The-Polar-Bears Leo, we had 90's Leo, the boy who taught us what love is.

12. Usher


The voice of an angel + abs = a heart throb that stood the test of time.

13. Jared Leto


The hair, the piercing eyes, and the flannel all made you feel some type of way.

14. Freddie Prinze Jr.


Sarah Michelle Gellar is literally the only woman other than myself that I'm okay with him marrying.

15. Rider Strong


If only Shawn Hunter could stay with your family (in your bedroom) the next time his dead beat parents skipped town.

16. Jonathan Taylor Thomas


He was certainly an improvement to your home.

17. Erik Von Detten


There is a 50% chance that the first time you felt butterflies "down there," Erik Von Detten was on the screen. #Facts.

18. Ryan Phillipe


Sure, Cruel Intentions might have been wildly inappropriate for you at the time, but tbh you didn't give af what Ryan's intentions were as long as you were involved.

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