16 Beauty And The Beast Quotes To Embrace Your Uniqueness

beauty and the beast
Walt Disney Productions

"There must be more than this provincial life."

Disney's Beauty and the Beast remains one of the most beloved animated films of all time, in large part due to the heroine, Belle AKA the beauty. Belle was different than her predecessor princesses because she didn't really give AF about finding a prince.

Unlike Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White, Belle had spunk. She'd rather read a good book than flirt with some conceited fuckboy with a taste for interior design. Same.

Complement a unique princess with a castle full of talking/singing/dancing inanimate objects, and you're left with a nearly perfect Disney film (minus the scary wolf scene). The beast might have held Belle hostage but he taught us about inner beauty and change so we forgave him for the kidnapping situation.

Perhaps more importantly than its #RelationshipGoals this movie was #LibraryGoals and sent the message that being yourself is pretty cool.

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