9 Little Ways To Drink (Semi) Responsibly


Cheers to drinking like a pro!

Drinking is fun! Waking up at 2pm on Sunday unsure of how you got home and smelling like puke, however, is not. We've all had our moments, some more than others, where we've probably imbibed a bit too much. The following tips and tricks can help you to drink in a responsible and non-embarrassing manner.

1. Only Bring A Certain Amount Of Cash


Drunk you definitely doesn't care about your long term budget to save up and travel to Thailand next summer. So plan ahead! Bring out a certain amount of cash that you're willing to spend. Once you've used it up, you're done.

If you want to have a card in case of emergency, make it a credit card that doesn't allow ATM transactions and keep it tucked away in a pocket of your purse.

2. Write Down Your Intake


Once again, keeping track of things probably isn't your favorite activity whilst drunk. But a lot of apps (like DrinkControl) allow you to log your drinks in an easy way that actually make it kind of fun. You might not keep it up the whole night, but at the very least it'll make you more conscious of how much you're drinking.

3. Find A Drink Buddy


No one likes to stand at the bar alone waiting for a drink anyway. Make one of your friends your drinking buddy for the night. Every time you guys both finish a round and want another, you go up to the bar and order together. But if you're done and they're not, you'll have to wait. This will pace yourself with someone else and keep you from pounding shot after lonely shot on your own.

Important note: If you want to drink semi-responsibly, it's probably best to pick a semi-responsible friend for this one.

4. Head Home Before Last Call


When the lights come on, everyone has their last desperate scramble for alcohol. This may include you ordering one more, or it might include you ordering a round of shots for you and all of your not-so-closest pals for a last hurrah of the evening.

The thing is, by the time last call rolls around you probably don't need another one. Even if you kept it together, everyone is probably going home soon, so downing another drink is just a waste on your liver and your wallet. It also might be the one to send you over the edge.

5. Pack A Snack


Save room in your purse for a small granola bar and you'll end up thanking yourself as later. This isn't for drunk munchies at 2 in the morning, but rather for those times you go out and only after two cocktails do you start to recall that you didn't really eat dinner and you're already feeling it. It's always good to have something in your stomach.

6. Avoid Hard Liquor


Or at least shots. Sure it's possible to get just as wasted drinking beer, but drinks with more liquid and less alcohol content tend to slow the process. Cocktails at bars often contain more alcohol than your standard drink, and it's harder to watch yourself when you're not quite sure how much you're drinking.

And as much as it might pain you to be the debbie downer refusing to do the group shot, if you really want to watch yourself, avoid taking shots. Their sole purpose is pretty much to up your drunk, and I guarantee someone else will do you the service of taking yours.

7. Ask How You Seem To Others

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The absolute worst judge of how drunk you are is drunk you. Accept that and admit that. Check in with others- friends, random women in the bathroom, even the bartender, as they'll be more accurate judges of your current status. If they think you seem drunk, hear them. Take a break.

Of course, this isn't fool-proof, particularly if you're one of those drunks who remains stoic and stalwart right up until the moment you pass out on the floor of a Taco Bell. But maintaining steady contact with those around you will provide a better barometer than looking in the mirror.

8. Wait 15 Minutes Between Drinks


Many of us make a beeline to the bar as soon as we've had the last sip of our drink. Perhaps even before that, so as not to waste one second without alcohol in our hands. But waiting a bit in between drinks is a great way not only to pace yourself but to evaluate where you're at. Set a timer for yourself for 10-20 minutes after each drink and make it a rule.

9. Stay Busy


Whether you're at a bar, a party, or just drinking wine coolers on your couch with a friend, do other things besides drinking. It might sound obvious, but the more you occupy your time conversing with people, dancing, or hitting up the snack table, the less time you'll spend sipping. We've all had those nights where we sit in the corner of a bar nursing our drink. Usually it's because we're feeling awkward or uncomfortable and usually it doesn't end well. Do a lap, play some pool, get your flirt on, but don't just sit there with a straw in your mouth.

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