9 Important Things All Women Overcome In Their Twenties

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Here's how you know you're all grown up.

Being a twenty-something woman can be stressful, confusing, and anxiety-inducing. The good news is, we're all in this together.

Here are the 9 things all women learn to overcome in their twenties:

1. The Daily Grind


Whether you're waking up at 6am to spend eight hours in a cubicle or slinging drinks in the wee hours of the morning, work is hard. If you were a privileged college kid, you're coming from the days of copious amounts of free time, skipping class, and naps. Now you have to get up and go, every day. The fact that you're doing it is a feat in itself and a sign of your budding maturity.

2. Fuck Boys


Yeah, maybe a few years back your eyes would've lit up at the sight of a grown man dressed in athletic shorts who takes 5+ hours to respond to your text. But during your twenties you learn that lesson (perhaps a couple of times) and finally overcome your attraction to douche bags. Ain't nobody got time for that.

3. Indecisiveness


Okay, so this one's a pretty difficult habit to break. Every decision, especially in your twenties, feels like it has the power to alter the course of your entire life. And even the ones that don't (are you in the mood for Thai food or Chipotle?) seem to drain excessive amounts of your brain power. After so much agonizing though, you start to realize that it's all a crap shoot anyway. Also that making a choice doesn't mean it's set in stone.

4. F.O.M.O.


When you were younger you probably pictured yourself in your twenties partying at clubs and drinking cosmos in slinky dresses like in the movies. IRL, you seem to spend an increasing number of nights in your sweatpants picking food crumbs out of your bra. You start to overcome the need to go out every night and the need to please everyone. "The best night ever" is ultimately a myth; or if anything it's you and a large bag of Cheeto Puffs.

5. Toxic Friendships


We've all had that one friend who only talks about themselves, only calls when they have a problem, and somehow finds a way to blame you for any and every situation. In your twenties, with everyone moving around, you have the much needed distance from this "friend" to step back and reevaluate just why exactly you've chosen to suffer through this for so long. It's the perfect opportunity to cut that negative energy out of your life.

6. An Empty Bank Account


So just to clarify, you're supposed to pay for monthly rent, transportation, phone bill, utilities, Internet, food, student loans, AND have an updated and professional wardrobe to wear to work every day? The financial pressures of adulthood are really f*cking scary when you first face them. But it means that you learn how to budget and how to say no to $12 cocktails and really cute shoes. Sure, your balance might generally remain in the two-digit zone, but money doesn't buy happiness, right?

7. Moving Out


Maybe it's out of your parent's house, maybe it's off of your college campus, maybe it's from one city to the next. Life in your twenties can feel pretty nomadic, and moving from a place of extreme comfort to one entirely new can be simply terrifying. But you do it, to chase whatever opportunity it may be and to become a real life independent grown up. Give yourself a pat on the back, even if those moving boxes linger for a couple of months.

8. Loneliness


As necessary as moving out and moving on is, where are all of your friends? Moving to a new city where you don't know anyone can be pretty lonesome. Even if you have some friends around, it's not quite the same as college, when they lived a block away and had abundant free time to hang out with you. As melancholy as it might seem at first, in this life phase you start to appreciate alone time and learn how to have fun on your own.

9. Petty Jealousy


Alright, you definitely still get jealous sometimes. It's hard not to when it seems like every other Facebook status is someone getting their dream job/life and you don't even feel close to that. However, the more you talk to others, you'll start to see that no one really has it figured out. Everyone has a different path, and opportunities will come your way eventually. So there's no need to stress out on social media about how perfect everyone else's lives seem to be. Be happy for your friends and celebrate in their successes.

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