7 Reasons Yoga Will Make You Better In Bed, According To Science

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If you needed any more reason to become a Yogi.

1. You're More Focused


One of the benefits of yoga is an increased ability to focus. If you've ever had your mind wander off in the bedroom, you can definitely understand how an increased sense of focus on the present, and your partner's presence, could do wonders for you both.

2. You'll Breathe Correctly


It sounds stupid. How can one breathe incorrectly? Fast breathing, though, which often occurs during intense physical activity, like sex, shuts down the brain's cortex, which (among other things) is responsible for activating sexual responses and hormones. Yoga teaches you proper breath techniques which you can use whilst getting it on.

3. You're More Likely To Orgasm


Several studies have found a link between women practicing yoga and reaching the big O. Yoga can increase your blood flow down there, and certain yoga exercises such as "moola banda" are similar to Kegel exercises. Meaning the practice can strengthen the pelvic area and alleviate sexual difficulties.

4. Yoga Increases Your Awareness Of Your Own Body


Excercising "moola banda" and other yoga techniques can help women increase their awareness of their own body's sexual arousal. More generally, yoga focuses on being mindful and aware of one's own body, which is pretty crucial when getting it on.

5. It Turns You On


According to this Harvard study, yoga can greatly increase women's sexual desire and arousal. Practicing yoga can release endorphins and oxytocin, which reduces stress hormones and heightens the need for intimacy.

6. Yoga Poses And Sex Poses Aren't So Different


Yoga increases your flexibility, which any woman who's cringed putting her legs up above her head will appreciate. A lot of the positions you learn during class can be modified and used successfully in the bedroom, without anyone pulling anything.

7. You'll Feel More Comfortable


Yoga decreases anxiety and lowers stress levels. While anxiety and stress shouldn't be a part of your sex life, sometimes they creep in anyway. The relaxing benefits of yoga can make you more relaxed during sex, and less worried about who's doing what and how it's going.

You're More Focused

You'll Breathe Correctly

You're More Likely To Orgasm

Yoga Increases Your Awareness Of Your Own Body

It Turns You On

Yoga Poses And Sex Poses Aren't So Different

You'll Feel More Comfortable

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