22 Hilarious Dating Fail Tweets To Share With Your Single Girl Friends

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Just keep laughing through the pain.

Any single girl can relate to the the many woes of the dating world. So let's pour one out for these women and what they've endured on there quest for love. At least we can all laugh about it later on Twitter.

1. When You're Just Not on the Same Page

2. Run for the Nearest Exit

3. Expect the Unexpected

4. When You Show Your True Colors a Little Too Soon

5. Going Dutch Gone Wrong

6. # NotAHooker

7. It's a Numbers Game

8. When They're a Little Too Honest

9. Boy, bye.

10. Is There Anyone Normal Left in the World?

11. I'll See Myself Out Now

12. "Send Nudes"

13. If We're Being Real...

14. No Thanks.

15. Go With Your Gut Instinct

16. The Fairytale Romance

17. Sk8r Bois <3

18. Well That Escalated Quickly

19. When They Spoil You

20. The Cheap Date

21. Get Control of your Bodily Functions!

22. Sounds Like a Well-Adjusted Individual

Thank goodness for cats. SHARE your own first date fails below!