16 Too Real Reasons Why FOMO Is Complete BS


Fear Of Missing Out? More like Fun On My Own!

1. There Is No "Best Night Ever"


Worried that if you stay home all your friends are going to go out and have the craziest/best night of their lives? Don't, because that concept only really exists in the movies. If you think back on your own life experiences, you can probably remember a lot of different nights that were fun, crazy, and unforgettable. But there's not just one opportunity for this epic golden goose night that you will miss forever if you stay in.

2. Forcing Yourself To Do Something Isn't Fun


Are you really going to have a good time if you drag yourself out? Chances are you'll be squashed in the corner of a loud, crowded bar wishing you were back home curled in your jam jams with a good book.

3. Your Friends Will Still Be Your Friends


As much as your friend might guilt trip the shit out of you to be her wing-woman tonight, she will forgive you for staying in. And no, this isn't middle school, so all of your friends aren't going to become a lot closer/become best friends without you in one night.

4. The Best Times Are Often Unexpected


You can't plan out which nights are going to be great and which ones will suck. But it often seems that the nights with the highest expectations (a huge party, a limo, bottle service at the club) end up falling flat. Which means your choice to stay in on a night that's supposed to be incredible isn't actually all that crazy.

5. You Can Have Fun At Home Alone


Just having a lot of people someplace doesn't inherently make it more fun. Being alone and hanging out with yourself can be just as good of a time if you make it.

6. Never Undervalue A Good Night's Sleep


Sure, you could stay out til the wee hours of the morning and spend the next day either sleeping or feeling like a truck ran you over. Or, you can get some much needed rest and actually want to wake up the next morning.

7. Eating In Bed Is Probably The Best Thing Ever

Parks and Recreation via NBC

I challenge anyone to name an activity that is always as enjoyable as eating food in your bed. And if you're staying in you can do it all night long.

8. Saving Money Is Cool


With Uber, over-priced drinks, and drunk food, it's pretty difficult to go out without spending some of your hard-earned cash. Staying in lets you save money and then spend it later on the experiences that are really worth it.

9. Everything Looks Better On Social Media

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It might look like your friends are having the time of their lives wherever they are without you. But such is the nature of social media. The number of snap chats they sent doesn't signify a certain amount of fun. If anything there's probably a negative correlation there.

10. There's Always Another Night


It's one night! Staying in now doesn't mean you can't go out tomorrow or the next week or ever again. There will be other nights where you will probably end up doing the exact same thing that you're "missing out on" tonight.

11. High Heels Suck


Sometimes getting dressed up for whatever the event may be is just more effort than you care to invest. At home, you can stay in your sweatpants, or better yet wear no pants at all!

12. A Night Off Of Drinking Might Heal You

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Not only will you not feel like shit for the first time in probably too long, but you also won't have any stupid drunken decisions to regret from the night before. A win win.

13. It's Not Much Of A Party Without You There


If you get really bad FOMO, you're probably also someone who generally goes out a lot and normally doesn't miss the party. So will it really be that great if you don't grace it with your presence? Be confident in yourself and your decision and know that you're still really fun even if you miss this one thing.

14. There's Plenty To Do


This isn't the dark ages. Just because you stay home doesn't mean you have to sit there and stare at your hands the whole night. The internet is your oyster! Catch up on that tv show you've missed, read the book that's been sitting on your shelf, try out that weird dance workout tape your cousin got you three years ago!

15. You Can Jumpstart Your Week


As boring and grown-up as it might sound, weekends aren't always for sleeping and partying. Sometimes there just aren't enough days in the week to get all the shit done that needs to be done. Doing little things like laundry or cleaning up over the weekend will make you feel prepared and de-stressed facing the upcoming week.

16. You Don't Want To Go Out


Why pine over FOMO and whether or not you should have gone out, when you didn't want to in the first place? Follow your gut and do what you want to do, not what you feel like you should do because of someone else.

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