13 Ways Turning Into Your Mother Is Actually Awesome


13 Ways Turning Into Your Mother Is Actually Awesome

A lot of women fear to become their mothers as if it were some horrible fate. But the more you think about it, turning into your mom might just be the best thing that could happen to you. Your mom is pretty damn amazing, after all! Below are the wonderful things that come from morphing into your mom.

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1. You can bond over what a brat you used to be.

Chances are that when you were younger and fought with your mom, you were wrong about 99% of the time. Now that you've grown up and can start seeing things from her perspective, you can apologize for the 5+ years you were a living breathing nightmare and forgive her for reading your diary that one time.

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2. It'll benefit your wallet.

Remember when you really wanted that green ketchup? But it was $2.00 more and your mom knew you'd try it once and then never want to eat it again? She has an uncanny ability to see the future and know when you're making a bad purchase. Like those gaucho pants you swore you'd wear forever. On top of that, she knows how to get the best bargains and how to shop smart and spend less. Your bank account will thank you for adopting her frugalness.

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3. You realize safety is cool.

When you were younger, anything dangerous seemed inherently fun, whether it was not buckling your seat belt or riding a bike without a helmet. But your mom knew better and managed to keep you alive against all odds. Turning into your mother means you finally get that taking care of yourself and being healthy and safe is actually cooler than any of that "bad ass" routine you tried to pull.

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4. You can keep up old traditions.

All of those traditions your mom insisted on having the whole family be a part of used to be a pain in your ass. Now they mean everything and you'll be damned if anyone misses the Thanksgiving board game tournament. Your new appreciation for your family's traditions means that you can keep them going like your mom did for so many years.

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5. She can sniff out the bullsh*t.

She knew when you came home drunk, and she knew that kid you swore was the love of your life was actually full of sh*t. No one can rival your mom's B.S. detector. Getting her no-nonsense attitude for yourself is definitely a huge benefit to your life and maturity level.

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6. All her clothes are back in style.

Mom jeans? Bobs? Turns out your mom was right all those times she swore that "everything circles back in style." So as much as you used to make fun of your mom's clothes and style, now she's got some looks you'd like to borrow for yourself. She also has a keen eye for the classic as opposed to the trendy that you'll be lucky to inherit.

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7. She's not easily embarrassed.

When you were a kid, you probably thought your mom dancing, singing, or even breathing in your presence was highly embarrassing for everyone involved. But as you've grown, you've come to realize that your mom just doesn't really give a f*ck. Adopting her ability to laugh at herself and let go of looking "cool" is definitely an upgrade to your life.

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8. You'll never go hungry.

Becoming your mother means you'll always have a snack in your bag for any event (a hike, a concert, a plane crash on a deserted island) where you might need one. You'll also force yourself to eat a vegetable at least once a day no matter how much you still might hate brussels sprouts.

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9. She's casually a champion multitasker

The things your mother can get done in a day are mind-boggling. Seriously, NASA should study this lady. If becoming your mother includes gaining her superhuman ability to do a million things at once, bring it on.

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10. She has excellent taste

You may have noticed yourself picking up on some of your mother's habits, like ordering the same cocktail as her or buying the same brand of mascara. Simply put, it's because your mother has great taste, and after all her years on this earth, she knows what's quality and what's not. Luckily all you have to do is copy her!

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11. You'll never forget your sweater.

It only took 75 times of you freezing your ass off in the grocery store produce section for you to finally heed your mother's words, "You might want to bring a sweater." So now you bring your sweater to every ill-heated restaurant, house, and airplane. You'd even bring it to a freaking sauna, because as your mother taught you, you never know.

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12. She's selfless.

In all those times when you elected to not bring a sweater, your mom warned you that she wasn't going to give you hers when you were cold. But then you were wrong, and you were cold, and she gave it to you anyway. Your mom would give up anything for you and do anything for you, even when you definitely didn't deserve it. Growing into that kind of woman is goals. The goal.

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13. She's always right.

Let's face it. Every piece of advice your mother ever gave you, you should have followed. You didn't, but you should've. The woman is frustratingly wise about any life decision, specifically when it's your life. Who wouldn't want to have that ability?

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Call your mom and thank her for being such a great role model!

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