13 Absurd Stereotypes That All Women Are Sick Of Hearing

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Tell me more about "how women are."

Breaking News! Women are human beings who don't all share the same set of traits, life goals, or experiences!

Let's squash these archaic stereotypes about women once and for all:

1. We're Overly Emotional


The idea that women just walk around like like big blobs of emotion ready to unleash their tears at the slightest trigger is, well, ridiculous. We aren't Bridget Jones and so many women hold their heads high through trauma and hardship every damn day. That being said, what's wrong with being sensitive?

There's also a difference between emotions and how one expresses emotions. Just because a guy cries less than a girl, doesn't mean he's not as emotional. MAYBE he's just been culturally pressured to bottle up those feelings!

2. We're Dramatic/Love Drama


Hmm. Do women really like drama? Or do men just use this stereotype to try and induce drama between women and to devalue your feelings? Labeling someone dramatic is an easy way to reject another's viewpoint. Let's try it out:

Woman: I don't think it's fair that women are paid less than men.

Man: It's not a big deal, you're being dramatic.

AM I???? Maybe I would be a "chill bro" too if I were a straight white dude, because I'd have nothing to worry about.

3. We're Irrational, Especially While Menstruating


Sure, women have hormones. Guess what? So do men! And yes, having a period might play with one's hormonal balance to a degree. But we're aware of this. Women (even menstruating ones!) are capable, rational human beings who can use logic and reason to make decisions. Shocking.

4. We Must Clean


Let's dispel the stereotype that women are just naturals with a Swiffer and boys will be boys and just be huge fucking slobs. Most people don't enjoy cleaning! Women were just forced into doing it over a centuries long patriarchy! That women are simply "better" at it is the biggest load of horse shit ever made into an argument.

If you need any further proof that women aren't inherently clean, you can visit my hoarders-level apartment complete with month's old dirty dishes.

5. We Live To Cook


Many women do like to cook. Many women don't. Just like men! But no woman should be relegated to the kitchen to "make you a sandwich," which, come on guys, come up with some original humor.

6. We're Wishy-Washy And Can't Make Our Own Decisions


Taking the time to make a decision and weigh the options doesn't mean you're easily swayed or wishy-washy. It's just smart. And please don't think that me taking the time to seriously consider something means that I'm asking for you to insert your mansplaining opinion.

Also how are we supposedly irrationally impulsive yet also can't make up our minds? Which one is it?!

7. We're Not Funny


Hear that, Gilda Radner? Amy Schumer, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Rachel Dratch, and the millions of other female comedians worldwide? Might as well hang up your hats because women just aren't funny like guys are funny!

This is just so ridiculous it's funny. Women are tremendously hilarious and you don't have to be a woman to enjoy their comedy, just as you don't have to be a man to enjoy male comedians. If you truly believe this stereotype, then maybe it's your sense of humor that needs work.

8. We're Scared Of Everything And Need Male Protection


It's too bad that the thing women most need protecting from is, in fact, men themselves. Women bleed out of their uterus every month and push humans out of their vaginas, so where did this idea come from that we're scared of our own damn shadow?

9. We're Catty And Can't Get Along With Each Other


Hi, meet my large group of female friends that all get along and behave like normal adults. The idea that women are naturally jealous, spiteful, and catty to each other is absurd. Of course, every woman isn't going to be besties with every other woman simply because of their gender, but the same is true for men. Yet for some reason our society continues to get a kick out of the idea that women just can't get along.

10. We All Love Wearing Make-Up To Look Beautiful To Men


Tbh idk how this concept is still so difficult to understand. Some women wear make-up, some women don't. How this is such a big deal to the lives of men I'll never know. But just for the record, putting on make-up is about feeling yourself, not about feeling someone else.

11. We're Baby Crazy


Just because women have the ability to birth children doesn't make it our only purpose or goal in life. And it definitely doesn't mean I'm interested in having your particular spawn. Honestly with all the disregard that men seem to have for condoms or birth control in general, maybe they're the ones who are baby-crazed.

12. We're Obsessed With Marriage


Why do all guys assume that any woman who's nice to them is trying to date them/marry them/trap them? I don't know who told you you're all that and a bag of chips, but most women have high standards for someone to make the trip down the aisle with. And that's the women who want that lifestyle.

There are also plenty of women who are perfectly content staying single and actually haven't been planning their wedding since the age of 2, as every romantic comedy would have you believe.

13. We Aren't Phsyically Strong Or Athletic


Once again, sorry ladies. Sorry Simone Biles and Serena Williams and every woman joining the U.S. military in record numbers. Women just aren't strong and physically capable like men are. If I had a dollar for every guy that's told me he could beat me in the sport I played competitively in high school that he's played twice, I might just be able to end the wage gap!

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