Sorry Cheeseheads, There’s No Way You’ll Ace This Tricky WI Quiz! Up To It?

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Do you speak Cheesehead?

A fun quiz for Wisconsin locals about the state's local slang, culture and food. Are you really a cheesehead? Then prove it.

 Oct 31, 2018
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First of all, a perfect cheese curd should:
Not make any noise at all?
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Sure, you call dinner, dinner, but what other term do you use?
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If your wife said she's "stopping to da pig" on the way home, she's really:
Picking up ham for supper
Dropping by the local bar
Stopping at the grocery store
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You know you're getting _____ later, since your friend asked you to get a couple of Leinees with them.
A beer
A latte
Buffalo wings
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Guldarn, it really ticks you off when the car in front of you keeps forgetting to use their _______.
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"Can you pass me the ______? I want to change the channel!"
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If you heard someone say they need to visit a Tyme machine, they probably actually need:
To literally go back in time
For you to tell them the current time
To visit the ATM
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In Southern Wisconsin, if someone’s out of pocket, they’re:
Out of personal contact
Running low on clothes
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Around here, if someone mentions "badgers" you know they're talking about:
The football team!
An annoying neighbor!
The animals!
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Tourists just can't say it right... How does a true Wisconsinite pronounce "Milwaukee"?
M'WAH key
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You could use miles, but else would you say how far Madison is from Milwaukee?
About a shout and a throw
About 130 km
About an hour and a half drive
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Sure, everyone remembers having fun and playing at the _____ when they were kids!
A swift
A mini river
A crick
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"Hopefully there's a _____ up there, I'm so thirsty!"
Bubbling fountain
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What on earth is a davenport?
A couch
A type of car
A coffee-maker
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Lake Michigan is practically like a(n):
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If you accidentally bump into someone, what noise do you automatically make?
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Where would a true Wisconsinite “jump around”?
On a boat
At a Badgers’ game
At a bar
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What do you call one of those transplants from Northern Michigan?
A yooper
A booster
A blooper
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What's a typical Friday night meal around here (especially around Lent)?
Fish Fry
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Ya hey der!" is a(n) ________.
Angry phrase
Term of endearment
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"Yeah, I'm heading ______ for vacation this summer. I'm excited!"
Up nort
Down nort
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