What Do The Emojis On Snapchat Map Mean?


What Do The Emojis On Snapchat Map Mean?

If you're like us and can't stop opening up the Snapchat map, you've probably noticed that your huge web of Bitmoji friends are usually up to something! So what do the emojis on the Snapchat map mean? They're actually a pretty good representation of what you're doing and you can even explore hotspots on the map to see what people around the world are doing. And we admit it can be addictive and convenient (or inconvenient, if you're up to no good) to know what your friends are up to at all times.

With other apps like Find My Friends, users could already share their locations with friends for similar reasons, but Snapchat takes it a step further. Teaming up with Bitmoji, users now have an animated icon that looks like them and can change to do what they're doing based off of geo-location. Bitmoji itself recently got an update to be even more lifelike. Isn't technology great? The number of activities that your Bitmoji can take part in just keeps growing and around Easter, your Bitmoji could even collect eggs. We've rounded up all the activities that they take part in, like driving, flying, and exercising so that the next time someone asks you what the emojis on the Snapchat Snap Map mean, you'll definitely have an answer.

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Driving in a red car

Snapchat Bitmoji cars were actually one of the first Bitmoji activities to pop up on the map! That's right, you're looking at a vintage hotrod right here.

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Driving in a blue car

We still haven't cracked the code on why the cars change colors the way that they do, but it may have something to do with location or speed. There are three different color possibilities: red, yellow and blue.

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Birthday balloons and hat!

Not only does Snapchat let everyone know its your birthday on the map, but the app also puts a birthday cake emoji next to your username. Let the birthday snaps come rolling in. This setting is optional however, so if you'd prefer a low-key bday, you can shut it off.

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At a concert, holding up a lighter

We all might use our phone flashlights at concerts now, but your Bitmoji is old school and still goes for the lighter.

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Working out

If your geo-location registers near a gym, your Bitmoji will either run on a treadmill or lift weights.

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Hauling luggage around

Bitmojis, they're just like us! Not all their actions are glamorous – they also have to haul luggage around airports just like we do.

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In a red airplane

If your location registers in an airport closer to a runway area, your Bitmoji will change from hauling luggage to actually being on the plane. Creepishly accurate?

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And in a blue airplane

Just like the cars, the airplanes alternate colors too.

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On a boat!

Out in the water? Your Bitmoji ends up on a boat, too.

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Riding a train

Don't forget about trains! Snapchat has all modes of transport covered.

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College campus with books

Colleges have their own personalized set of Actionmoji, many of which are usually related to studying. Because college students are all about hitting the books and schoolwork, all the time.

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If you're at a really popular tourist attraction, like the London Eye, your Bitmoji will change into tourist mode and grab a camera.

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Building sandcastles at the beach

Head to the beach and you might be playing with a beachball or building a sandcastle.

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Hitting the tennis courts

Your Bitmoji has a mean backhand.

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Golfing, too

If you get close to a golf course, your Bitmoji just might pick up a club.

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Hanging out with friends

If you're with friends who are also sharing their location, you'll appear together in one spot for a Bitmoji hangout.

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Rocking out, listening to music on headphones

If you're listening to music or have headphones plugged into your phone, your Bitmoji will get a set of headphones too. These can change too and be black or silver. Sometimes your Bitmoji even dances.

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At a sports arena

If you're cheering your favorite team on, your Bitmoji will be too.

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College campus, with backpacks

Another of the college series, here's a Bitmoji sitting on a stack of books, because again, college students are all about the studying.

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Reclining in a chair

Sleeping in a chair is another one of the original Bitmoji actions and it happens when you don't open Snapchat for a few hours in the evening or late at night.

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And Ghost Mode, of course

Last, but not least: Ghost Mode. Your Bitmoji can do a lot of fun and cool things, just like you, but it's important to remember that Ghost Mode is always an option too. If you don't feel like broadcasting your location and activities (or hey, your Bitmoji just wants some privacy) you can turn your location off for 3 hours, 24 hours or indefinitely. You can also customize the list of friends who can view your location.