The 10 Best Poetry Instagrams You Should Be Following


The 10 Best Poetry Instagrams You Should Be Following

ICYMI, April is National Poetry Month and we're bringing you the 10 best poetry accounts to follow on Instagram. Although it's super nice and mentally relaxing to sit down and read a hardcover book of poems, it's nice to be able to scroll through them on your phone too. We promise you it will be a nice break from all the selfies on your feed.

What's also cool is that some of these accounts even let you submit your own poetry to be posted. If your piece is popular enough, the account will post it. Perfect for the poetry admirer who's also a poetry writer. Here are the 10 best poetry accounts to follow on Instagram!

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1. Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur is an amazing feminist poet who wrote two best selling poetry books, called "Milk and Honey" and "The Sun and her Flowers."

On her Instagram account, she shares looks into her life as she travels the world on her book tour, as well as poems that are in her books and some that aren't. Also, she does all of her own illustrations! You can follow her here.

y'alright birmingham?

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2. Emily Byrnes Poetry

Emily Byrnes' Instagram bio reads: "Empath | OCD | Vegan 🌱 Be kind, it's easy." So if any of that sounds good to you, this just might be you poet.

Byrnes has a minimalistic vibe going, often with plants or other nature-related objects pictured next to her poems. Very calming. You can follow her here. Her poetry book titled "Swim" is also available here.

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3. Atticus Poetry

Atticus is yet another poet who writes a lot about love. His Instagram bio reads: "I write short poems & epigrams. It's how my world makes sense to me. Thx for reading. I love you for that."

His first book of poems called "Love Her Wild" came out recently and you can buy it here. He also sometimes uses cool visuals with his poetry. You can follow him here.

'Beautiful' #atticuspoetry #atticus #beautiful

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4. Chloe Frayne

Chloe Frayne is an Australian poet who shares a lot of poems about heartbreak and healing, usually with some sort of visual accompanying the poem. Sometimes a typewriter, sometimes flowers, but always something!

Chloe also gives you glimpses into her day-to-day life in her posts and her stories. You can follow Chloe Frayne here.

β€’ I never know.

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5. Perry Poetry

This is one of the accounts that let's you submit your own poetry in the comments to potentially be posted on the account's story. It also has a related account that is dedicated to poetry with accompanying visuals. You can follow Perry Poetry here.

Vent below. 🀯

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6. Perry Poetry Visual

This is the visual counterpart to Perry poetry. The account hasn't been active, but still has 291 posts/poems on its account. That's a pretty good stockpile if you're ever in need of some soothing words. You can follow Perry Poetry's visual account here.

How many times have you had your heart broken? πŸ’”

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7. Omypoetry

This is another account that will let you submit your own poetry! Bonus points because this account will even post it to the real account, not just to the account's story.

What's also cool about this account is that it reposts poems from a wide range of Instagram poets, so it's easy to find a lot of new accounts and poets that you like through this this page. You can fall Omypoetry here.

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8. Tyler Knott Gregson

Tyler Knott Gregson is a professional poet, author and photographer. His Instagram bio reads: "I write stuff and photograph things and go places and see people."

His account is a good mix of handwritten notes, artsy shots, and the occasional dog! You can follow here.

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9. R.M. Drake

R.M. Drake has 1.8 million followers and nearly 3,900 posts; a common topic for him is love. If you follow him, you'll have poetry to look at for days.

You can get his bundle of real books here. And you can follow his Instagram account here.