20 best Israel Instagram Captions and Birthright IG Captions

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The view Israeli great over here!

20 Clever Instagram Captions for Your Trip to Israel

Wherever your travels take you this summer, you're sure to have a great time. Traveling is one of the greatest things you can do to enrich your soul and who you are as a person! If your travels happen to be taking you to Israel, then you've found yourself on the right page! Here are 20 Israel Instagram captions to help you document your amazing trip!

Food, sights, and, of course, Dead Sea captions, we've thought of it all! Your Instagram is about to be as lively as your trip and maybe your followers will even learn a thing or two about Israel. Enjoy every moment of it, whether it's for birthright or any type of travel! Here are some Instagram captions perfect for your trip to the Holy Land.

Clever Israel Instagram Captions

• My love for this place Is-rael

• The view Israeli great here

• Falling for falafel

• The holy land is pretty sweet (food, candy, drinks)

• Hakuna Masada, what a wonderful place

• On hump day, we ride camels

• I'm like hey what's up, Shalom

• All you need is love (Ahava)

• Shwarma? No, I call it God's gift to mankind

• Jerusalem, if I forget you…

• How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it

• Challaah at your girl (challah bread)

• Couldn't passover this chance to visit the Holy Land

Fell in love ✨

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Dead Sea Instagram Captions

• Never felt more alive than in the Dead Sea

• And we all float on, ok?

• The saltiest thing on Earth

• Salt bae?

• Hit my high point at Earth's lowest point #423metersbelow

• Don't call me salty, though

• Covered in mud, salt and smiles